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JR on Daniel Bryan’s Showing Last Night, CM Punk-Heyman Segment & Total Divas

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on Here are some highlights:

– Daniel Bryan was the star of Monday Night RAW and his in ring work the last 40 minutes are so was the most memorable piece of business on the three hour broadcast. Bryan has gotten over with the fan base the most natural way possible akin to a dark horse candidate winning a major election while running as an independent. Grass roots all the way for ‘Fear the Beard.’

– Bryan’s in ring action with Antonio Cesaro was brilliant. Cesaro may be the most underrated talent on the WWE roster and had his 2nd bout that I’ve jaw dropped on in the past few weeks as his 2X3 fall match in NXT vs. Sami Zayn was off the page too. That match, I think airs after Summer Slam.

– The CM Punk/ Paul Heyman promo segment on RAW was stellar. It sound PPV’s and Punk, especially, came off as very real, extremely organic and NOT playing the role of a wrestler with a cause. Punk had filter free emotion and I believed every word that he said. Seriously, @CMPunk is not afraid of Brock Lesnar adn their match, their first to my knowledge, at Summer Slam has me very intrigued. Curious as to the strategy, where it is on the card, what has to follow it, and, obviously, the outcome. For some reason, just an assumption, I could see a serious of matches between these two, gifted athletes who both carry ample levels of self confidence and defiance into the ring with time out. Time will tell.

– Miz TV….hmmm…rough day at the office especially for my old friend The King. It was likely an encounter that Jerry would rather forget. Nice slap from new, villainous Eva Marie who apparently is still PO’ed about her hair.

– My comments regarding my personal opinion regarding the idea age for performers to be called up full time to the main, WWE roster has draw a gambit of responses here on our Q&A section of our website and on Twitter @JRsBBQ. This has zero to do specifically with the talented Paige who I am a major supporter of and feel that she will have a successful run on RAW or Smackdown some day soon but some idiots made it such. No 20 year old, no matter the precedent for any man or woman is generally ready for the non in ring requirements and challenges that go with being a WWE Superstar who tours extensively. The amount of social maturity that comes with life experiences and natural maturity is absolutely necessary. Is it always there or has it always been there over the years with some young talents who have had a variety of issues, some minor and some not so minor? Of course not. Every human being is different and they all handle challenges in their own way adn one way to eliminate some of those immature mistakes is to make sure that the talents are socially and emotionally ready to make the road their home .