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JR Comments On AJ Styles-WWE Possibility, Whether Dolph Ziggler Is Being Punished, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on Here are some highlights:

New tryout camp: WWE starting a new tryout camp today in Orlando at the WWE Performance Center. I miss those opportunities to mentor and communicate with young talents who want to live their dream just as I did. Hopefully everyone attending will report in magnificent physical condition and pay attention. The drills are essential to master and to not replicate previously corrected mistakes in technique. Best of luck to all involved.

Thoughts on William Regal: Yes, William Regal has a great eye for wrestling talent plus he is a terrific instructor. Any company would better themselves with more William Regal’s associated with them. I’m blessed to call him my friend and am thankful that I had an opportunity to help him sort out his life back in the day. Regal is a huge asset for WWE that often goes unnoticed to the average fan.

Is Ziggler being punished: Is WWE “punishing” Dolph Ziggler? No. If WWE wanted to “punish” Ziggler they would simply not use him on TV and allow him to fade into obscurity. More fans should use their common sense on this one. Dolph is hugely talented and, generally, athletes who are on Ziggler’s level overcome any perceived obstacles. The key is to not check out and to keep turning heads.

AJ Styles: Will WWE sign AJ Styles? I’d have zero clue on that one but I would say it’s a long shot at best. Not because AJ isn’t an outstanding talent, because he is, but I get the feeling WWE wants to create new stars and those new stars are going to come from the WWE Performance Center exclusively.

Relationship with Michael Cole and JBL: No, I like and respect both Michael Cole and JBL very much. I’ve know them both for many, many years and even signed JBL to his WWE contract when he was Justin “Hawk’ Bradshaw. It’s hard to name a talent who better re-invented themselves, multiple times by the way, than did the boisterous and intelligent Texan. Cole and I have spent countless hours conversing and sharing ideas over the years and I’d like to think that we’ve helped each during that time. No one works harder or more diligently than does Michael Cole and he deserves much more credit than he receives. (BTW..check the @Layfield Report)

  • Kristopher Robinson

    With Aj, they’re just asking for another Invasion type storyline. Have Aj coming from TNA to ruin the WWE and bring in other young Realeased TNA guys to help…. That’s money for the WWE right now. And he’s not known?!?! Do you only watch WwE bc Aj is a indie superstar just like Punk and DB.

  • millerj265

    Yes they need a former drug addict who just got out rehab. And his wrestling apparatus? So Kurt is technical machinery now? And being a member of an internet wrestling website kinda makes you an internet fan, and brother trust me you do need a clue and have for a long time. Go drink some more Jim Beam you jackass, then maybe you can call some more wrestlers machinery or some other word you think you know the meaning to but you don’t because your an illiterate moron. BTW Cool pic man, your such a baddass man, every 14yr old in the county wishes they were as cool as you are jackass.

  • Scooter

    He’s what 36? Why waste their money on him no? He’s not a well known name to their target audience and they’d need to work to get him over.

  • JAckh45

    Aint likely to allow and outside guy to climb very high?
    Not in his first month… of course not, no company would. give him a year and sure.
    RVD is an example, hell even in his brief run just finished he was in a main-event title match.

  • poko

    “Barely a champion on TNA”? What does that even mean? He’s held championships 19 times there. He’s easily one of the top 10 best wrestlers in the world–in my opinion, top 5. What he would bring to the WWE are some incredible wrestling matches that would steal the show, just like Daniel Bryan has done, and a skill-set that would absolutely wow the greater WWE audience which has never seen him in action.

    The only thing that would hold him back in the WWE is the WWE, as they aren’t likely to allow an outside guy to climb very high. He has a LOT to offer the WWE, they just aren’t likely to use him very well.

  • God of Entertainment

    Internet fans need a clue. If AJ Styles was barely a champion on TNA, what makes anyone think he will be primetime for WWE? He’s better off making a name at NJPW or something. Getting international status but by then he will probably be too old for the WWE to use so his hopes of being a WWE wrestler are over. Honestly only 1 guy is fit for a WWE roster spot on the TNA roster and that’s Kurt Angle. That’s only because of his wrestling apparatus. Peace

  • MrDr3w

    If they used him right, he’d be an upper-mid-carder at best. WWE doesn’t like talents that have had success somewhere else. (i.e. CM Punk and Bryan Danielson)

  • Kristopher Robinson

    If they used him right, he would be the best thing for WWE.

  • Scooter

    JR said it best here, it’s not a knock on Aj but at this stage, he brings nothing to the WWE.