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JR Blog: Younger Talents on WWE Superstars, WWE Using WCW PPV’s, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on Here are some of the highlights:

– Why doesn’t WWE utilize old, WCW themed PPV’s? I assume just to be more original or contemporary. The titles of the PPV’s seem to be being tweaked all the time but no matter the name of the event it is still and always will be the ‘attraction’ that sells PPV’s not the title of the event.

I do expect to see ALL the WCW PPV’s and Clash of Champions events utilized when WWE launches their own network down the road. You might even see some of them monetized via DVD releases at some point in time.

– Someone suggested that WWE Superstars be utilized to feature WWE’s younger talents. I thought that was usually the case. The talents who don’t get much time on Raw or Smackdown often time end up on WGN America’s Superstars broadcast. These are the times when talents really need to elevate their game, maximize their minutes and not look at wrestling on Superstars as be exiled or some form of ‘punishment.’ These are the moments that game day players go out and turn heads and make positive impressions. It’s like playing on special teams for a NFL team or being the 8th or 9th man on a NBA roster…always maximize one’s minutes and opportunities.

– Nope… not expected to be refereeing many matches going forward. Nothing is scheduled. However, Michael Cole is doing some refereeing I’m told in non televised, main events at TV tapings.

– Emailer…there is zero chance at this time that I will be broadcasting the Royal Rumble match this year and that matter has never been discussed for the record. As a matter of fact, I’m going to watch the Rumble at home as I’m not traveling to Boston later this month. I’ll spend my PPV bucks on the Royal Rumble just like many fans.

  • Vinny

    Sammo, you know what? I think I remember saying that about Del Rio. Know why? cuz he is just that… “green”. He shouldnt be maineventing WrestleMania anytime soon.

    Ronald, I agree also about War Games. I think WWE would be able to incorporate the Elimination Chamber in there somehow to make it “fresh”. Thats what they shoud do instead of all these gimmick PPV’s. Or even add the Chamber to Survivor Series as a staple in that PPV… something like that.

  • Vinny


  • Ronald

    WWE would be smart to do away with the ridiculous gimmick PPVs and bring back some of their own classic PPVs and some of the old WCW ones like Halloween Havoc (as Vinny mentioned above), Bash at the Beach, and Starrcade. Not to mention bringing back War Games! Vince should really embrace the WCW assets he now possesses (and has for the last 10 freakin’ years!). They can only help you!

  • Sammo

    Aren’t you the same guy who referred to Del Rio as “green”?!

    I don’t see the wrestling industry scrambling to employ you just yet…

  • Vinny

    to add to my post above, I would get rid of the Hell in the Cell PPV altogether and have a Cell match at Halloween Havoc as well every year. I don’t know why WWE creative never thinks of these things.

    Put me in the ‘rasslin’ business, I could come up with some good ideas!

  • Vinny

    If I were in WWE creative, IF…

    I would bring back Halloween Havoc in October and the featured match every year would be a Buried Alive match.

    I’ve always wanted to see Halloween Havoc make a return, WWE style.