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JR Blogs: Fans Booing Roman Reigns, Superstars Taking Too Many Risks in the Ring

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has released another blog on his JR’s BBQ website, and you can check out some highlights here:

On fans booing Roman Reigns:

“Is it obvious that some fans are merely booing Roman Reigns because they think that it is the ‘thing to do’ based on what they hear on TV? In the heartland of America in Indianapolis, Indiana an American (Reigns) wrestling for the United States Title versus a Bulgarian, I.E. a non American, is booed by the vocal, defiant, mostly young male demo which reeks of overt, attention seekers.\”

On Cesaro taking an unnecessary risk in his match with Sheamus last night:

“Enjoyed the physicality of the Sheamus vs Cesaro Best of Seven finale that ended up not being the finale after all. I assume that this series will get another shot at being blown off and, if so, hopefully these two won’t kick our of each other’s finishers to the degree that they did Sunday night. Both are too skilled to need to do that as it has been overdone so much in recent times that it has lost much of it’s luster.

“Cesaro took an unnecessary chance/risk with the suicide tope, head first dive through the ropes, to only end up spiking himself on the floor which could have broken his neck. Apparently, Cesaro dodged a massive bullet in this exchange that had zero bearing on the narrative of the bout. If men and women in the business continue to take unnecessary risks, we can all but guarantee that someone is going to sustain a serious injury sooner than later due to the volume of these unneeded, high risk/small reward bumps”

  • 80sDude

    He actually makes sense. There is a portion of the crowd who only want to make themselves feel important by starting the next big chant, or trying to direct how a crowd should react to a guy. If you don’t want to like Reigns, so be it. But, many are just booing for the sake of booing. It’s gotten old. Many of these fans feel the WWE needs to cater to them, because they feel only their opinion counts. But, they do not own the only opinions on Reigns. People can deny it all they want, but, except for those who constantly boo him, Reigns is over with at least half the crowd. And that means he’s making Vince money. So, get used to it, because he isn’t going anywhere.

  • 80sDude

    He’s the bad guy because he’s always been the bad guy, and the story calls for him being the bad guy. It’s a simple concept, really. More so, good guys have in the past come out to interrupt a bad guys celebration. Did you instantly boo them too?

  • JAckh45

    He and WWE still doesn’t understand that ramming Roman down our throats every week pushing him to oblivion is why we boo him… it has nothing to do with attention its the whole “make Reigns look strong” bullshit we are continually given.

  • pitfallharry219

    Seriously, how is Rusev the bad guy here? He was having his wedding celebration, and Reigns came out and ruined it. But JR wants to claim ‘merica so Roman should be cheered.

  • D2K

    “Wow, that’s a pretty ignorant view point from JR.”

    What else is new?

  • CC

    Wow, that’s a pretty ignorant view point from JR. Maybe just maybe the fans do not bloody well like Reigns. And if, as JR says, they are booing the American face vs the foreigner heel, that tells you how bad his popularity is. Say what you want JR, but he is not over like WWE would like.
    Cena for instance gets a lot of boos, but he gets an equal amount of cheers. That is because a lot of people like him and a lot of people don’t like him. With Reigns there are more dislikers than likers.
    How can fans at an event with thousands of people be “attention seeking”? Does one person think by booing that the whole crowd will pay attention to them?