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JR Blogs: Matt Hardy Signing with WWE, Will He Work with NJPW Again?

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has released another blog on his JR’s BBQ website. You can check out some highlights here:

On WWE possibly signing Matt Hardy:

“Saw where WWE is allegedly hoping that Matt Hardy returns to WWE when his TNA contract ends. Don’t know the validity of this latest, rasslin rumor but to be able to get BOTH Hardy’s back in WWE would likely make many Hardy fans happy.

“Matt has developed the freshest, most unique pro wrestling TV persona in the biz which is a tribute to a talent with an established persona recreating himself with a new persona. If more talents would think outside the box like this, more talents would have less to complain about regarding their elusive ‘push.'”

On possibly doing another season of NJPW with AXS TV:

“AXSTV is going to continue to do another season of NJPW broadcasts in 2017 which is good news for yours truly as I’ve enjoyed working with AXSTV along side Josh Barnett on the Friday night broadcasts. I wish we could do more with NJPW including heading to Japan to broadcast some live events. Perhaps that will happen in the future but it’s far from a done deal at this point in time.”

  • Rollins *Intergalactic Champ*

    No, i think Hardy Boys fans want to see them remain in TNA, where they are actually respected and utilized. JR is such a WWE asskisser

  • D2K

    I took from it the same thing you did. He was able to reinvent himself because he was ALLOWED to reinvent himself. Jim Ross knows that. He isn’t that dilapidated to think Matt Hardy could do this on his own in WWE or anyone else can do such things themselves.

    Same with Austin chewing out Dean Ambrose. He of all people know that WWE talent can’t get themselves over in the current climate when you have writers telling you what to say and wardrobe telling you what to wear, and basically being a marionette. Of course when things don’t work out, guess who gets the blame?

    Wrestlers are not actors. Most of these people have never had any training in actual acting on any level. You can’t handle pro wrestling like it’s a TV show. You cannot expect the average person to be handed a script with verbiage that they had no input on at all and be able to convey that verbiage in a believable manner with passion, desire, and impact. These are wrestlers. NONE of the stars in the history of this business got over with someone’s hand up their butt. Fire these writers, hire former wrestlers, and let them train them on how to find their OWN voice.

    That will easily separate the prime time players from the armature-hour acts.

  • pitfallharry219

    He’s still such a pathetic company man. “Take the ball and run with it.” Ryder got himself over like crazy without any help from the writers, and it didn’t take them long to kill his character. Cody Rhodes has talked about all the ideas he took to creative, only to be rejected time and time again.

    Of course it’s easy for Matt to come up with his own stuff in TNA, considering how loosely that ship is ran. Wrestlers coming up with their own storylines saves them from having to pay real writers (which they’re probably behind on paying anyway).