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JR & Bret Hart Praise CM Punk & Chris Jericho, Rock’s Notes on His Wrist, More

– There are unconfirmed reports that Colt Cabana was in attendance for last night’s RAW Supershow in Portland.

– As seen on last night’s RAW, John Cena pointed out that The Rock had notes written on his wrist for his promo. Several readers sent word that the following was written on Rock’s wrist:

* 2 Reasons
* KRS to KPB
* Innovator-Camo
* Call out

– There was high praise for CM Punk and Chris Jericho after their segment on last night’s RAW Supershow. Here are some comments:

Jim Ross: “It’s going to be hard for anyone to follow the pure wrestling match that @CMPunk & @IAmJericho will have at WM28 Trust me on that”

Bret Hart: “That was probably the best promo I’ve seen in months & I’m not saying that bc of the shoutout. Punk & Jericho were on the top of their game”

Meanwhile, Chris Jericho commented:

“And THAT is how you prove a point…. @CMPunk #raw”

  • Bruno

    Cena definitely got the better of the rock

  • jay-are

    wrestle mania will be a double count out or double dq. there won’t be a winner cause kane will interfiere. take that to da bank jack!

  • heyfit

    rock sold out on his fans.

  • scooter

    sad thing is the rocks schtick seemed as stale as Cena last night

  • Gorilla

    Jim Ross you suck your blog sucks your BBQ sucks time to go away n take lawler with you….now y2j punk will indeed be great and my opinion stands y2j ill never cheer now rocky you. 5 headed bitch you Walt Disney tooth fairy bitch you will loose 123…but to answer debate cena rock heat is all work believe that

  • little jimmy

    cena owned rock last nyt

  • John

    Bret’s just happy because he was mentioned in the promo.

  • Stashathan

    @shawn is absolutely rite!
    They killed it last night with their promo
    absolutely loved what Jericho had to say

  • peter piper

    The rock likes chicken kung paod in his fave

  • shawn

    Jerich/Punk promo was better fo’ sho’!

  • Stumpy

    Eh… Rock just had the word clues on his wrist because he is so used to reading cue cards when he is acting.

  • Starship Pain


    You’re right. You’re damn right…

  • Simon07

    Omg how dare the rock write all these things on his wrist!

    Seriously though, its not like he wrote his whole promo on his arm. Cena doesn’t do this because his are always the same “Dwayne isn’t here, he’s an actor, im always here whawhawha”.

  • Jehova Don

    KRS-1 is a rapper. Rapper To Kung Pow Bitch

  • Macho Madness

    KRS? Not too sure there, KPB=Kung Pow Bitchfor sure! Lol!

  • El Puchero

    KPB = Kung Pow Bitch