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JR Says Cena Will Never Turn Heel, Kharma Comments on ‘Which WWE Diva Should Return’ Poll

– In his latest blog, Jim Ross addressed the possibility of John Cena turning heel…

Not sure why this line of questioning has suddenly became ‘timely’ but, NO, I do not think that John Cena will ever be an official, wrestling villain. I see no reason to consider such casting whatsoever. If you choose to boo Cena, then that’s your choice. Have at it. It doesn’t bother Cena to any measurable degree as best that I know plus you have the right to express yourself, within reason, at WWE events. I don’t think that any one, especially children, should subjected to attention starved, usually young, male fans obscene taunts but that’s another story. Being a former head of talent relations, I’d take a locker room full of John Cena types as it relates to work ethic, passion, toughness, dedication, reliability and heart all day long. Those that can’t see that likely haven’t left their Mommy’s breakfast table yet. I know that @steveaustinBSR feels much the same way.

– In response to WWE’s latest poll asking which former Divas fans would like to see return, Kharma tweeted the following…

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    No they knew their gimmicks were starting to run their course, so they reinvented themselves while still keeping the same persona.

    Cena hasn’t even remotely changed in 8 years and is nothing but rehashed hogan, and as far as his moves go HBK had a career ending injury that took him out the business for 4 years, yet he came back almost as good as he was before it happened. Cena however is just a one trick pony & can’t wrestle to save his life. Vince might have the final say but it doesn’t mean he know’s a thing about what the fans want.

  • alontrae walker

    And Cena can wrestle, Vince just doesn’t want him to get into injury risk. He is already going into surgery after summerslam. The man has hung with the best. I would be ok if people just said Cena sucks. But when people say he can’t wrestle it makes me sick. Rock couldn’t and can’t wrestler people still love him and stone cold who is my second favorite wasn’t that good either. So I don’t see why he gets hate from that when he is better than them (wrestling skills) Hell he carried the rock at wm 28 and wm29

  • alontrae walker

    that god somebody on here spoke the truth LOL

  • alontrae walker

    I miss the ruthless aggression era. I was there for a little of the Attitude era, I was born in 93′ LOL But Cena isn’t whats wrong with the wwe, the Pg era is.

  • alontrae walker

    Please tell Vince and stop blaming Cena. Hell he probably wanted to turn back heel too. But Vince said no. Did you see how much he enjoyed going back to his roots and rapping against the rock. He is just doing as he is told to. That’s why I can’t wait for Vince to retire.

  • alontrae walker

    And all of this people you named turned Heel when VInce said it was time. Vince has the last say so. Im tired of people blaming Cena. They make him have limited movesets to save him so he won’t end up like edge retiring from wrestling. Hell he has to drop the title now to Daniel Bryan just to have elbow surgery. SO don’t act like they turned on their own. We all know Rock was the biggest ass kisser of them all.

  • alontrae walker

    They same way people are a prick to Cena. He is just taking up for his fellow wwe superstar. Stone Cold said that there just isn’t enough competition for Cena. So basically Stone Cold said, everyone besides Cena and Punk. SUCKS!

  • alontrae walker

    But I bet you you still tune in week after week to watch him. even if its to see him get his ass kicked. You are watching. Because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have commented.

  • alontrae walker

    Well please write a letter to vince. What he is trying to say is stop hating on cena and hate on the people who created this super cena character. Because when he turns heel, he will go from superman to batman. And hog more tv, still be at the top and be pushed even more. Im a cena fan but I hate they way they are making him do this boring stuff, but I hate the creative and vince not Cena, I don’t boo the man. I feel sorry for cena sometimes because the man is just doing what he is told. Just like every regular employee does for their boss.

  • Marcus Holland

    All you non real fans of Wrestling talk about John Cena and his same hat trick, Guess you forgot about one of the great’s Hulk Hogan who also had the same hat trick for years. Yes Hogan did go South and turned heel but only to bring fourth the best wrestling war between WWE and WCW television. Other than that, he still does for the fan’s like yourself and your children. Show’s up every night and wrestles instead of taking nights off like most past WWE Champions did or still do. What you need to look at is WWE matchmakers and the writters who should be matching Cena up with wrestlers that give him top matches like CM Punk, Brock Lesner, Rob Van Dam and Undertaker instead of putting him in matches against Ryback. Make Cena’s WWE Title run worth more.

  • Prettie A Mot

    I would like for karma to return and get a match with a.j. lee

  • Clarence Black

    well, then u missed two great matches one being cm punk vs Cena that happen on raw a few months back. and Alberto Del Rio vs Cena a few weeks back.

  • Trey

    Maybe for a hot minute. The problem with Cena turning heel is that no other superstar is at his level to be the counterpart face and go on tv doing all sorts of promos, all the wish Cena grants, merch sales, tickets… you can say D-Bryan is getting there, but his gimmick is of a little screaming man with a goat face…not ready to headline ppv after ppv against the likes of Henry, Ryback, Brock or dare I say Del Rio? Anyways, CM punk is just too volatile for Vince to hand him the key…Orton is still an arrogant immature prick. Bottom line is, Austin had rock, HHH, taker, Kane, foley, Angle, Jericho, booker, Vince to feud with and make things interesting…what am I saying? Cena is so far ahead of everyone else in everything except wrestling skills. Heck I miss the attitude era. It would be awesome if guys like Sting, Angle, hardy jumped ship!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Who gives a f**k what JR thinks?

    He clearly doesn’t see it from our (the fans) point of view. Cena has been the same limited in ring, boring character since 2005 and (in my opinion) is starting to become irrelevant in the sense that real wrestling fans have just started to stop giving a sh** about him.

    Yes he generates money, but so did rock/austin/taker/Mick Foley . Difference is they knew when there charcater was starting to wear thin, look at the amount of times they went from face to heel.

    Rock: Rocky Miavia > The Rock/Nation Of Domination, Nation Rock > Peoples Champion, Peoples Champion > Corporate Rock > back to “The Great One” > Hollywood heel > face turn

    Taker: Never ending tweaks to his Undertaker character from 1990 to 1997 > Ministry Taker > American Bad Ass > Big Evil > back to the Deadman > Mohican/”last outlaw” Taker

    Austin: Heel Austin in 97 > Austin 3:16 face > Bionic Redneck/Power Trip 2001 & 2002 > Final face turn

    Mick Foley: Mankind debut > Cactus Jack> Corporate heel Dude Love in 98 > Mankind run > Cactus Jack vs HHH > Various incarnations of Foley from 2004 onwards > ECW heel turn in 2006 > back to face Mick Foley

    HHH: Blue Blood heel > DX face > Corporate HHH > 2000/01 Power Trip heel > 2002 return from injury & short face turn > “cerbral assassin” > 03-05 Evolution > 2006 DX part 2/King of Kings face run.

    Bottom line anybody can be made face or heel if done right, cena will still sell tickets. you’re just being an ass Ross

  • Sean

    I bet if he were to ever turn heel the ratings would go through the roof.

  • CC

    Nope. The only time he was worth watching was when he first turned heel with his rapper gimmick. Since then I pretty much fast forward all his matches or go out and get some food or something when he is on. Ditto for Orton.

  • Clarence Black

    my self im glad to see guys like cena in the business. because like it or not there is not many true wrestling fans left. if guys like cena wasnt there to sale shirt to sale tickets even to kids then wrestling would fall straight down hill. like it or not the man is a superstar. im not a fan of cena. because i perfer to watch wrestlers. but i dont hate him and i am thankful he is there. even the biggest cena haters gotta admit sometimes he is worth watching.

  • CC

    Just as Austin represented the company in his day, and Hogan in his day. Never stopped them from being highly successful as heels. Austin even as a heel shifted more merch than anyone, and thats what WWE is worried about with turning Cena heel, which kinda shows you that Cena has nowhere near the character development or appeal as someone as rounded as Austin, Rock or Undertaker.

  • Because the same old boring “good guy” Cena, year after year, cutting the exact same promo, night after night, having the exact same match, night after night, is a winning formula. Because him turning heel, turning on all his “adoring” fans, being viscous and nasty and cutting shit talking, heel promos again, like he once did, and then building someone ELSE up (like Bryan) as the top baby face to feud with him, would be SUCH a bad thing……….

    I respect the hell out of Ross, and he has more knowledge of the business than most of the people IN it, let alone fans. But that doesn’t mean his opinions are infallible or always right.

  • Ultimo Cordero

    I agree with JR. Cena represents the company in so many ways and you know Vince loves that. Brian is taking that title but Orton cashes in and wins at Summerslam. Brian vs Orton at the following PPV for that title.
    If Lita is in wrestling shape, I’d like to see her come back.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Why is Ross always a prick to the fans? He’s obviously towing the company line, what a douche.