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J.R. On Why Chris Benoit & Owen Hart Are Not In The HOF, If He’d Ever Join TNA

Jim Ross answered a series of fan questions Saturday on Twitter including whether he’d ever consider joining TNA Wrestling, why Chris Benoit and Owen Hart have not been enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame, why SmackDown isn’t live, and more.

Matt Hardy returning to WWE: “Matt Hardy should get clean and sober & not worry about wrestling until his life isn’t an embarrassment & being put at risk.”

Why SmackDown isn’t live on a weekly basis: “Smackdown isn’t live because of exorbitant, increased tv production costs of keeping production crew on road all week.”

If reports of him penning an autobiography are true: “Not true..more Internet dirt. I’m not in process of writing a book. ‘maybe’ some day.”

If he’d ever join TNA Wrestling: “I’m a WWE guy plus TNA has excellent announcers & they don’t need my services.”

Why Owen Hart is not in the WWE Hall of Fame: “Owen Hart has not been inducted because of potential legal issues w/ his estate, etc.”

Why Chris Benoit is not in the WWE Hall of Fame: “Why #ChrisBenoit not yet inducted to #HOF?…. You can’t be serious.”

The fan replied, “Benoit was a GREAT wrestler, you’ve got to give him credit for that.”

Ross responded, “No one ever said Benoit wasn’t a great wrestler did they? The last few days of his life precludes his HOF status.”

  • Alan

    Thank you LINIX…I new a married guy would crack up

  • Kiwi as bro

    @Iron Cross no i think too many Americans smoke crack and say and ask stupid things. Where as New Zealanders smoke too much pot. Btw go All Blacks rugby world champions!


    im sorry i died laughing after reading alan saying he could understand benoit killin his wife. he must be married too

  • venom

    They should put Beniot as a Legend is WWE 12′.

  • TS93

    Sad part is we all know Benoit wlda saved ECW

  • Alan

    F#ck Chris Bentwat…that mother f’er killed his son…A wife I can understand…but his son? Who cares how great of a wrestler he was…he was an a$$hole backstage and a horrible father…he doesn’t deserve to be remembered

  • CC

    The problem is with Benoit is that you cannot separate the wrestler from the murderer. Even if it wasnt 100% his fault due to the concussion damage to his brain, he did what he did, and nothing will ever change that.
    To put him in the HOF would be celebrating the life of someone who most people would not want to see glorified.

    I do believe that ignoring him and by removing him from show repeats and not acknowleding him elsewhere, is ridiculous, but celebrating his career should not even be considered by anyone in their right mind.

  • tombstonepildriver

    Date: Oct 22, 2011 at 11:59 PM
    some americans smoke to much pot and ask stupid questions

    And you smoke too much crack and make stupid comments.

  • venom

    Chris Beniot was a great wrestler. Put him in the HOF fame or he’ll come out of his grave and cripple you.

  • boomer sooner

    LOL Oklahoma lost. JR may preclude his HOF status.

  • Stone Cold Truth

    Big respect for what Benoit did in the ring, the last days of his life however destroyed his career.

    Imagine how WWE would look if they paid tribute to a “Child Murderer”.

  • me

    benoit isn’t in there cos he’s a fucking murderer.

    and owen’s wife protests about anything to do with owen being shown/done or anything, ever.

    so there you go, there’s the reasons.

  • C’Mon Man

    Well Cena killed wrestling but sadly he will be in the HOF someday. I don’t think he earned S#!T. all he did was show up to work %$*@ Vince in his office then go out and yell really loud and bore me. Okay, Cena hate moment over. Back to web surfing.

  • Ironcross

    some americans smoke to much pot and ask stupid questions

  • c3po

    You’d have to seriously be a dumb ass to even ask about benoint

  • voice of reason

    @ mj i can’t agree more

  • MJ

    I was looking forward to that match out of any match that was on the NOC 2007 card! CM Punk vs Chris benoit it would have been the match of the year! It didn’t matter if ECW was a second rate brand if it has 2 of the best wrestlers wrestling each other for the first time ever im going to buy that on ppv, dvd, hell i’ll order ppv. But when it didnt happen it was a let down but just hearing about what chris did it really made me upset because aside from Eddie Gurrero chris benoit was my fav wrestler of all time and its sad that both of them are gone. They could have had alot of classic feuds or any become trainers whatever it didnt matter because dispite what people will say about chris benoit im always going to think of him as the best wrestler in the world. I didn’t know him as a person but my heart goes out to his family.

  • JIR

    @MJ totally agree with you its said and I would have loved to see him and Punk tear it up in the ring

  • VenomEX

    tell it like it is JR, see u monday

  • MJ

    Im saying this as a chris benoit fan. He was on of the best wrestlers that i have ever seen! Everytime i seen him and william regal i knew it was going to be a 5 star match! This guy made me mark out everytime he did a germen suplex and his chops were so deadly the crowd would be slient just to hear how hard chris would hit the person he was in the ring with! But No matter how hard his fans such as myself try to think of him as the wrestler he will always be remembered as the guy who did the horrible actions. WWE will never induct him because of those actions. Can you just imagine what the press would say if chris was inducted? WWE inducts a murder into their hall of fame. Yeah thats not going to cause nancy grace to talk shit about the wwe. Thats not going to cause an uproar! Owen on the other hand i see him getting inducted because legal issues can be solved while chris will just never be in the hall of fame and its sad.