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J.R. Comments On Cena Possibly Changing Persona, HBK Congratulates Sheamus

— Moments after watching Zack Ryder carted off in an ambulance last Monday on Raw, John Cena angrily looked into the camera. The official WWE website suggests that Cena was “driven to a dark side” by Kane’s heinous act. Jim Ross, however, does not think Cena will be altering his persona.

A Twitter user asked Ross, “I’m not too keen on Cena turning in to a villain. Are you??” He responded, “I don’t see any major changes coming in Cena’s persona.”

— Two-time Royal Rumble winner Shawn Michaels congratulated Sheamus on his victory Sunday.

He tweeted, “Good day everyone, hope ya’ll are well. As always many are asking so, no I didn’t see RR but yes heard Sheamus won. Awesome for him.”

— Though WWE announced two weeks ago a Raw SuperShow for Monday, April 9, 2012 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., an on-sale date for tickets still has yet to be determined.

  • Y2JAM

    Cena Needs a Heel Turn but it needs to be done big so big the whole company or at least RAW needs to be involved WWE Creative needs to think bigger….
    im board with Cena and WWE all together its not the talent fault its not the road agents fault its creative and corporate fault they forgot what wrestlin is. the stories are bland and have no depth… the only thing keeping me now is cm punk and chris Jericho and maybe rock.

  • Maltese

    This article blew my mind.

  • Cool Mark Punk

    No1coleminer, Cena probably wouldn’t be boo’d and WWE know it. They women and children would start booing and lose merchandise sales. The people that have been waiting for a Cena heel turn would start cheering him.

  • No1coleminer

    does anyone ever ask themselves what they would moan about if wwe did turn cena heel?? seriously, most of your lives would be even more pointless.

    yay lets turn cena generically heel, so he can again win titles as a heel, fighting people he already faced as a face, but because this time he will be booed (yes please please understand my sarcasm here) it will make everything awwwweeesssommmmeee, yea thought so.

    lolz, jus…lolz

  • Mark

    I have to disagree with JR, Cena heel turn is now more overdo than at anytime.

  • TJC752

    Would’ve loved some HBK in the rumble.