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J.R. Comments On Lesnar Returning To WWE, Punk Named Wrestler Of The Year

— Jim Ross commented on Brock Lesnar announcing his retirement from mixed martial arts after losing in the opening round to Alistair Overeem in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC 141.

“Brock Lesnar to WWE rumors rampant. Always said IF Brock returns it would be for a one off appearance. Now’s NOT the time,” Ross tweeted.

He continued, “I find it HIGHLY IMPROBABLE that there is an even remote chance of a Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker match at WM28. IE..ain’t gonna happen. Calling Oliver Stone..please report to rumor central/fantasy booking department to write Lesnar to WWE storyline. No rush. 2013 will do.”

— CM Punk has been named Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Wrestler of the Year for 2011.

The honor goes along with Punk being named WWE Superstar of the Year on the December 12, 2011 edition of Raw.

  • Jason

    Go on Bischoff’s face book page and look under featured fan and you will see his comment about getting me a promotion with in TNA a few months back. Sorry but you nerds lose

  • donners

    i’m sorry, but neither promotion should be trying to claim a victory in an argument over who provides the most in-ring time per show, tna and wwe need to hang their heads at the fact that there’s only an average of 30 minutes wrestling on each show (anyone seen stan on here lately?)

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I did watch way back at the start when it had good matches. Started to go downhill, watched less often. Hit rock bottom when Hogan & Fiends came in, barely.

    So of course I watch our product. Like you I work for TNA too, I’m Eric Bischoff’s son…

  • Jason

    Duffman do you even watch our product? Last week we had over 40 mins of wrestling on Impact. Impact has only had two shows that had 8 mins of wrestling both where the shows right after B4G. (2010/2011)

    In fact for the last 3 months we have had on avg 30 mins of wrestling a show. And your right, it’s not fair to compare wcw to tna seeing as how wcw was over 90 years old when it died where as TNA is only 9 years old. How do you know we don’t turn a profit? My god no wonder Bischoff hates most of the IWC nerds

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    It isn’t fair to compare TNA to WCW. WCW could turn profit, people watched it, had more than 7mins of wrestling, and actually beat WWE for awhile. TNA is just… TNA.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    What was the criteria? If it was based on wrestling ability alone surely it would go to Angle, Danielson or Regal.

  • Jason

    CC then you don’t watch TNA if you can’t think of one great or interesting thing they produce. BTW the move to monday night according to Bischoff and Spike TV was only meant to be for three months. Spike said this over a year ago on there press release.

    People talk about TNA in a positive light just as much as they do WWE. Adults anyways. Enjoy your kiddy promotion while me and others who work in TNA make a nice living and build an empire for real wrestling fans.

  • JIR

    well let me point out a common flaw in both. WWE doesn’t utilize their talent they bring up to the main roster,just TNA doesn’t utilize their X division and Originals in the right manner. Both are just cannon fodder for their WWE big 3 and for evey WWE reject in TNA

  • KGM Da Master

    Lesnar vs. Undertaker for WM28 in an all out manslaughter to end Undertakers career.

  • CC

    @Jason. WWE may have blown two big storylines, but TNA blows every fucking thing handed to them. Cant even remember the last time TNA did anything interesting or of any merit.
    Look at the whole Hogan/Bischoff/move to Monday night deal … biggest fuck up in modern wrestling history.
    The CM Punk storyline may not have been utilised as well as it should have done, but at least it got people talking about WWE in a positive light for once. Only time people talk about TNA is when they want a good laugh or as an example of how to take a once brilliant young upstart company, and turn it into WCW 2.0 … only worse!

  • Tyler(:

    LOL. at that person that said ‘Biggest Impact’ by making them lose ratings? oh wait, was that Ryder and Bryan’s fault?

  • Second City Saint

    when lesnar comes back just make it like his debut and destroy everyone dont do videos or anything, id love to see CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

  • Ron Damon

    By the way. Anyone can talk without a script when the can have all the takes the want

  • Ron Damon

    And what exactly do you do? Clean the talents’ toilets? Drop the fucking act. If you actually do work for TNA and are allegedly well paid, then I’m the ghost of Pope John Paul II. Yes, WWE drops the ball with their talent and storylines. But does that in any way make TNA perfect? If you have no problems pointing out the WWE’s flaws, then you should have no problem identifying TNA’s, considering the company and the talents tend to fuck up majorly. You sound like a fucking hypocrite criticizing the WWE and acting as if TNA was God’s gift to fucking Earth.

  • Jason

    Unlike Punk Roode does not need a script to talk on the mic

  • Jason

    No Roode just had some of the best match’s and promos in wrestling history and worked his ass off to get where he is. TNA pushes there talent way better then wwe does. How does Punk go from being the hottest thing in wrestling to now being an after thought in wwe. The same thing happened to ADR and now where is he? You call me pretentious? I work for a major wrestling promotion and make good money doing so, what do you do in this business? I bet nothing but being a mark for wwe and there kiddy storylines that are aimed at the 12 year old demo. Kids are killing pro wrestling

  • Ron Damon

    @ Gayson Sod the fuck off, you stupid piker. CM Punk actually did something by turning the wrestling world on its head. What did Roode do exactly? Just sit in his ass in that shit company until the title made its way to him like a cheap prostitute at a party. Yeah. He deserves to be wrestler of the year. Fuck off and go back to Bitchoff’s ass, where you belong. You pretentious pissant.

  • Russ Haas

    Bobby Roode has less mic skill than Ultimate Warrior has brain cells.

  • Jason

    I guess Punk should have won it but I still like Roode better and feel they are pushing his gimmick better then what WWE is doing for Punks. WWE had the biggest storyline in years and they blew it, hell they blew three big storylines in the span of just 2 years.

  • CM Mark

    …and anyone who would mark for Cole is a totla and complete non wrestling fan moron.

  • CM Mark

    There was never any doubt, the best in the world is #1 as it should be.

  • hbkdh

    santino by far!!!

  • poko

    You don’t have to be a Punk mark to consider him the best choice. He’s a very good performer, and he made the biggest impact on the biggest promotion. Previously, the WWE was a two horse race between Cena and Orton, but both have temporarily fallen from the title picture. If you don’t think Punk should have won, then who else deserved the honors?

  • Ron Damon

    @ No1Coleminer Yeah? Well, Ryder fears the Cobra.

  • No1Coleminer

    seriously bro? everyone knows Ryder is wrestler of the year, he is the internet champion after all and puts on a wrestling clinic each and every time, punk does take care of himself, but doesnt spike his hair #WWWYKI

  • Stevie P


    Punk is Wrestler of the Year? Fap fap fap fap! ;P

  • No1Coleminer

    and…cue the punk marks

  • Ron Damon

    Was there ever a fucking doubt? Anybody else winning would just have been an insult.