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J.R. Comments On McCool Leaving WWE, Christian’s Title Win, Kharma

Jim Ross posted a blog entry today on his official website, Highlights are as follows:

His health following Extreme Rules: “Very sore today. Broken right hand is hurting. Iced it before going to bed to reduce swelling. Certainly not using the hand as an excuse for losing because I pretty much forgot about it once the ‘match’ started. Bowling shoe ugly bout w/o question. Did the best we could w/ 2 non wrestlers in a tag match.”

Michelle McCool’s departure from WWE: “Sorry to see Michelle McCool leave WWE. She’s an example of what intelligently approaching ones craft will do for you. Michelle evolved into a skilled performer via hard work. Perhaps I’ll see her when her alma mater, Florida State University, hosts Oklahoma in college football this September. Michelle is a gifted athlete and will be missed.”

Christian winning the World Heavyweight Championship: “Really happy for Christian’s success in winning World Heavyweight Title. Christian was ‘due’ and is one of the more underrated performers in WWE and has been for a good while.”

R-Truth’s performance at Extreme Rules: “R-Truth has begun to distinguish himself and had an impactful cameo at Extreme Rules. Again, the key issue here is for Truth to contiune to take advantage of the moment. The door is open, so to speak, and hopefully Truth will walk through it to the next level. An interesting story to follow.”

Kharma’s debut at Extreme Rules: “Enjoyed Kharma’s debut at Extreme Rules. She can potentially be a huge attraction for WWE. She’s different and special. Curious to see where she goes from here. I personally expect great things from her.”

  • pieman

    Kharma in my opinion can have a big an impact on womens wrestling in WWE as Chyna did when she was in. Could actually make the division something worth watching….possibly.

  • venom

    Kharma will destroy the Bellas soon.

  • Sipeli

    I really hope Kharma is successful for a number of reasons, and theres no reason why she cant be. She’s great in ring, she has great presence, not to mention the coolest entrance music in ages. The main thing is though, if she gets over being something out of the ordinary and by that i mean not the cookie cutter mould most Superstars and Divas seem to be made from, then hopefully thats something Vince can get behind and we get to see more diverse characters in the WWE.

    Kevin Steen would fit that role perfectly.

  • Rucdogg

    R-Truth should beat Cena, not del rio. I never liked R-Truth until this heel turn, if he gets rid of that lame ass twisting forearm off the top rope and dont try to make his moves so damn fancy, he could be a top heel. a fresh heel also, theres nobody like him right now.

  • TG

    R-Truth should have another U.S. title run but mostly Kofi Kingston will drop the belt to Del Rio to build him up better.