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JR Comments on Danielson, Cena Comments on His WWE Career

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter this weekend about Bryan Danielson: “Daniel bryan became relevant in 13 wks which is a big win. Sure hope wwe gives Bryan a 2nd chance some day. The kid has ‘it.’ Size non issue.”

– John Cena wrote the following on his Twitter regarding his 8 year anniversary: “CeNation. Thank u 2 everyone who has sent well wishes. Started something here 8 years ago today, u r the reason I am still here. I will continue to give u everything I have, every night. I am truly greatful for all of u out there. U have no idea. This is my dream, thank u for making it come true. Never give up. 8 years and going strong….they still can’t see us!”

  • rated_r

    instead of bringing on so many young wrestlers they should ease their pockets and bring back guys like lesnar or angle..

  • rated_r

    you know guys now a days guys like kof kingston,miz,mcintyre they are getting so easily their chances to win titles..whereas guys like kidman or test(naming a few)..after having fought for so many years they used to get their chances to win titles..the wwe management should try to bring guys like angle or lesnar so that they could provide some more classics..even though angle is not in his prime form becoz of his age but still he has got all the tools to once again rule wwe…

  • rated_r

    u can tell that austin is a brawler..but still he has given the wwe universe so many moments to cherish…but don’t compare cena wid rock…rock had a wide range of shots n had that charisma…now a days kids love cena or for matter batista becoz they havn’t seen rock or angle in their top notch form that they used to be in the late 90’s or in the early 00’s..what angle does is pure wrestling…very hard working wrestler…

  • Vampi


    OK. The Rock and Austin were real good on wrestling. not like the guys WWE put in the ring in this days…


    Today is my birthday and I love Jawn Cena.

    Can you guise geuss what part I fibbed about?

  • Rich

    You guys r idiots..everytime The Rock and Austin got in the ring together they BRAWLED not wrestled…I know a little something about real wrestling and trust me what KURT ANGLE does is wrestle…AND STOP HATING ON CENA JUST CUZ HE’S HELD MANY CHAMPIONSHIPS..EDGE HELD LIKE 4 TITLES LAST YEAR WHEN HE WAS ALIGNED WITH VICKIE AND NOBODY HATED ON HIM BUT OH CUZ ITS JOHN CENA AND THE KIDS LOVE HIM AND HE DOSEN’T WRESTLE LIKE THE ROCK OR AUSTIN HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH..first of all he has the rock’s charisma and stone cold steve austin’s no nonsense brawl attittude so shut up about cena already.

  • Dustin

    I know enough about wrestling watching the 90s to know that anyone from today can’t wrestle.

    I don’t know what the heck happened, but the either the training has deteriorated or the matches just aren’t long enough/diverse. There’s like, half as much variation and quantity regarding wrestling moves.

  • CC

    Anyone who says that Austin and The Rock couldnt wrestle, knows nothing about wrestling.

  • me

    really, that’s everything cena has? wow.

  • kane

    Cena would be a lot better if he wasn’t so scripted. People who saw him in OVW admit that he had better matches there than he does in WWE. It’s like people said Hogan had great matches in Japan; but because of his gimick, he wasn’t asked to be a great wrestler and therefore wasn’t a great wrestler. They should stop trying to make Cena the next Hogan and let him be the first John Cena.

  • He got a BACYCLE

    @Nobody: “This day? Try ever…..Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin. None could wrestle; all were great.”

    Hey bro, the rock was a third generation wrestler form a well known wrestling family. He could and still can lace it up with the best of them. Know your role jabroni…

  • rated_r

    the quality of wrestling that cena delivers is not as par compared to what we used to see in the 90’s..the rock,austin,angle(naming a few)…even guys like rhyno,tajiri,kidman,test produce better quality of wrestling..i regret that these guys were never pushed to the next level..

  • SiNcEdAy1

    cena started in like the same week that tna had their show

  • 321kid with a razor

    Okay you can compare him to Hogan on the non wrestling factor but The Rock was definetly a better wrestler and other then not being able to take a chair shot, he had memorable matches at Wrestlemania(Rock vs Austin). Bret Hart himself said in his book that Austin was a great wrestler and he loved his matches with him.
    I will admitt Cena isn’t the best in wwe but he still is a hardworker and he never stops when it comes to Make a wish foundation. And even though he has had a million Orton matches< at least the PPV ones have been different endings and were not too bad. I still dont wanna see another one but This hatings is getting old. He aint going anywhere cuz he is Vinces guy and at least Batista is gone

  • Nobody

    This day? Try ever…..Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin. None could wrestle; all were “great.”

  • josh

    ok cena aint the best wrestler and he is very uncoordinated but he has charisma and thats what makes a wrestling champion this day

  • Burt

    Honestly, the day we can’t actually see him, will be a day to rejoice!

  • CC

    TBH, I dont see the point of posting Twatter stuff like this as news articles. Yeah, if someone is saying something about something newsworthy like the Bryan Danielson story, fair enough, but if I want to read rubbish like this I would subscribe to Cenas Twatter page.

    Cena masturbating over his career is not news!!!

  • i dont care

    oh i can still see you john…thats the bad part
    damn you CeNation