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JR Headed to FCW, Backstage News on the WWE Title, HOF’er Reportedly Hospitalized

– WWE Hall of Famer Chief Jay Strongbow, 83, was reportedly hospitalized last week after suffering a fall.

– Jim Ross will be heading to Florida next week to evaluate some of the WWE developmental talents at Florida Championship Wrestling.

– As seen last week, John Cena wrote on Twitter that he thinks the WWE Title should be changed. The Wrestling Globe reports that once again, there is talk within WWE of changing the look of the title. WWE has actually had a new design ready since late 2009 but haven’t changed it because the current replica belt is one of WWE’s best sellers.

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  • PinkSinCara

    @ Ryan

    I wonder which one. TNA seems to have a different belt every year. I personally like the Legends belt, err I mean Global belt..Shit I mean the TV belt!

  • Ryan

    you can see what the 2009 belt was supposed to look like, TNA has it, there was reports going round ages ago that WWE scrapped the belts and the company that made them sold them to tna and gave them face plates for it too

  • Bill

    I’ve wondered what that 2009 belt looked like. Let’s find out NOW!

  • venom

    People would still buy the spinner belt if the title changes. It’s not like they stop making them. If anything, they would make more money, because it would be anothe belt to buy.

  • Buttercastle

    Sometimes the people in charge of WWE are not too bright, especially when their only reason not to make any change is because of how much they are making from merchandise. If they introduced a new belt now, or at least a little bit ago, they would have made a ton from people buying for Christmas, especially if that belt debuted on Punk or Cena. Plus, if the current belt is selling so well they would have had something to fall back on if the new belt didn’t do so hot. They would either be making what they do already, or double thanks to a hot new item.