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JR On His Pick For Royal Rumble Winner, Announcing With Savage and Heyman, Vickie

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following are highlights:

Royal Rumble Winner: “My early pick to win the 2011 Royal Rumble would have to be John Cena. (One of my favorite Rumbles as a broadcaster was working with Taz on his first Rumble PPV. Remember to check out Taz’ new venture at”

Heyman vs. Savage in Broadcast Announcing: “Paul Heyman and Randy Savage were totally different broadcast partners for me. . . Nonetheless the two men were very different in many ways. Savage brought a wrestler’s mentality to the broadcast table whereas Heyman came as an antagonist broadcaster with a more manager-like mindset. ”

Vickie Guerrero Segment On RAW: “Strong feelings have been expressed by many individuals both enjoying the comedic exchanges and vehemently opposing such.

Personally, I find various things funny. I used to always laugh at ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ when they featured plus sized women slipping and falling on ice, etc. For some reason, large ladies taking a bump made me laugh. Does that make me a bad person? To some, it does. To most, I would like to think , it only says to them that I have a sense of humor.

Taste is a tough one to regulate. I’ve seen many, many things on pro wrestling TV show s over the decades that I could not and will not endorse. However, the ‘villainous” TV persona of Vickie G getting her comeuppance via one liners ala a ‘roast’ did not offend me, personally. Which is not to say that every one who reads this should feel the same way. “

  • drg

    @tim yeah Brian Danielson is being brought in to look like a joke. You know being US champion is being completely buried and that they’re actually giving him a chance to bring prestige back to that belt!? the horror.Also J.R. is always so classy and polite about everything. Amazes me that he doesn’t get more frustrated.

  • yechiel {israel}

    hometown hero must win,it’s inevitable. if they gonna unify the titles at mania,golden boy is vkm’s pick{we all know why{we can’t blame him,we can only suffer and wait for it to be over}. for me it would be a hugh shock{and a nice surprise}if i’m wrong

  • tim

    I’d like to see someone win and it actually be surprising. Someone like Brian Danielson. Go with a story of, even though they brought him there to bury him, they can’t seem to stop his rise.

  • In Grind We Crust

    ugh. Cena. If it were up to me I’d give the rumble to Del Rio. It would really build onto his character I think.

  • Joe

    I really think people are blowing this whole “Vickie is fat” thing out of the water. Like JR, I’m a big guy, and I thought the segment was HYSTERICAL!!! It really reminded me of the Attitude Era, and I hope that WWE considers that in the future. I’m just sayin’…

  • xXx

    i hope they do the punk-cena feud all the way to WM without any titles included..

  • Vincent’s mom

    it’s bad enough Cena has won ONE rumble. he best not win again.