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JR On Potentional Rock vs. Cena Showdown, Rock’s Return Status and More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following are highlights:

Rock/Cena Interaction: “Some fans are hammering us on Twitter @JRsBBQ proclaiming that it will be Rock vs. Cena at WM27. That’s not what I heard. I heard that Rock was Hosting the event which works very well for me. Will there be some sort of Rock/Cena interaction? Sounds that way to me which is why I’m ‘staying tuned.'”

Rock Returning Full Time: “Is the Rock coming back to wrestle full time? That’s not what I got out of Raw’s most electrifying moment in years Monday night. Rock is making an appearance at WM27 to contribute in a major, likely shocking, way to the biggest WWE PPV of the year. Bottom line regarding this question on Twitter is that I DON’T KNOW but I would doubt it. I’m very excited about Wrestlemania. My black hat’s off to WWE.”

Who Is The RAW GM? I don’t know and furthermore I don’t care. When we’re supposed to know we will. I’m much more interested in the build to WM27 than I ever will be about who the mysterious (not my descriptor) Raw General manager may or may not be.

  • TomC

    Neither is Cena’s … The Marine & 12-rounds were not HORRIBLE, they simply weren’t huge commercial successes (much like “Walking Tall”).

    I’m not saying that Cena will achieve the kind of action-star success that Johnson has – only that it’s neither fair nor accurate to label him a “failure” in that regard.

  • Mike

    I wouldnt call rocks hollywood movie career a “success”. Its just not a failure either

  • Wes

    wow the rock and mic = entertainment !

  • TomC

    @ damkat . . . COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE – except for the “Rock is the GM part” I would rather see the Rock take whomever the GM is apart – and/or find out that the GM was Stone Cold Steve Austin and there be some kind of cool exchange there.

    Does anyone else find it even mildly ironic how WWE is turning to their previous ESTABLISHED fan-favorites to help boost their ratings and PPV buys? The irony lays in the way many here have lambasted TNA for doing JUST THIS, but praise the WWE for essentially doing the EXACT SAME THING.

    @ mabry:
    That WOULD be a very shocking and ratings generating turn of events. I actually like the way The rock is pretty much neutral insofar as his being a face/heel goes – he’s an equal opportunity smack-talkin’ @ss-kicker.

  • mabry

    what could be more shocking than The Rock costing The Undertaker hes streak against whoever he faces….. although i dont think the Rock would turn heel for such a short period of time, but who knows, he said he would shock wwe…..

  • damkat

    Well I hope your wrong as well, I would love to see the Rock back even part time. He is what the WWE needs to build the brand back and to teach these younger guys they way it should be done with a mic in your hand! I would love to see that the rock was the raw GM the whole time and bring back some excitement to the WWE.

  • TomC

    Sadly, there is likely NO WAY IN HELL Dwayne Johnson is going to forego an otherwise successful Hollywood movie career to rejoin the WWE as even a part-time wrestler. (Believe me, I would LOVE to be proven wrong – especially because I’m very likely going to be at SummerSlam this year).

    There may be some relatively brief “interaction” between Rock and Cena at WM, but that will be the end of that, I’m sad to predict.