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JR On Shane Helms’ Recent Attack On HBK, Tanned Wrestlers and Alex Riley

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following are highlights:

Wrestlers Using Tanning Products: “Yes, wrestlers use spray tanning products to maintain their tans. Tanning beds aren’t frequented as much by wrestlers as they once were. What a question.”

Alex Riley: “I do have high expectations for Alex Riley. He seems athletic, articulate and intelligent. Only time will tell how far he goes but Riley has bonafide potential. FCW did a nice job of preparing Alex for WWE. Alex’s future success is largely up to Alex.”

Helms’ Recent Rant On Shawn Michaels: “I haven’t followed the recent interaction w/ Shane Helms re: HBK. I know its been out there but it really isn’t something that I care to invest my time. Everyone has the right to express an opinion whether I or anyone else agrees with it or not.”

  • Gary

    Really CC? Im Amazed that you say that but are so against Heff Hardy…Hmmm….

    But, I do agree with CC, PEOPLE, Remember, WE WATCH WRESTLING for the matches, angles, and storylines…not to judge them for what they in real life….Dirt sheets use to be past this, just reporting on WRESTLING news…But i guess WE is the wrestling version of TMZ

  • Kim

    That is why I respect JR. He stays out of all the high school crap. He is always a class act. He needs to be back on tv.
    What does it really matter what the wrestlers are like in real life? We don’t know these people. They are just people we watch on tv. Like someone said. Like actors and musicians. They have no bearing on our lives.
    What we should judge them on is there performance in the ring and Shawn Michaels is one of the best at that and deserves the accolades for it. How do we know how Shane Helms is in real life he could be a jerk too.

    I just wish the wrestlers would stop bashing eachother. It is really childish to say stuff about someone on twitter or youtube or whatever. Especially since most of the time I think they just do it for attention for themselves and to get their name out there. Or to just rile up the fans. Helms knew exactly what kind of reaction he would get for what he said and
    I can not believe he tried to act shocked or angry about it.

    Shawn Michaels is one of the best in the ring and I always liked the Hurricane as a wrestler. People are allowed to have their own opinions but I am really tired of hearing all of this stuff. Keep it in the back please. Or how about the old days when we jsut talked about people behind their backs? 🙂

  • Bingo Nik

    Has Alex Riley ever won a match on RAW?

  • Soulshroude

    J.R. is a wise old man.. of course he is better, he is old school traditional.

  • CC

    At the end of the day, it doesnt matter whether a wrestler is a complete prat or a saint outside in the real world, all that should really matter to us is what they do in the ring and on tv.

    Its like movies and music as well.
    There are singers and actors I cant stand as people, but I dont stop that from letting me enjoy their output.

  • Logan

    No matter what JR is always and truly a class act.

  • JAck45

    @ corey sim,
    yeah cause I’m so sure you know who the real Shawn is… probably a Bret Hart fan boy, whos stuck in the past! LOL
    and for the record I don’t like HBK either.
    But i respect whats hes done and the amazing matches hes taken place in.

  • JC

    Yes Vince, bring back JR.

  • I didn’t rip Helmes I commended him because I know HBK is a piece of trash first hand and could care less about any of his fans(Who made him). HUGE thumbs up to Helmes for speaking his mind on the way HBK really is. A snake.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    JR has always been a class act. BRING HIM BACK VINCE!!

  • Boomski

    JR has always been better than us. 😀

  • misfit

    Damn JR is better than all of us, instead of ripping helms (like all of us did), he said its hip opinion ad left it at that, wow.