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JR on The Rock’s WWE Future, FCW’s Spring Break Bash, HBK News

– Northeast Wrestling will be hosting a Shawn Michaels autograph signing in Middletown, New York on March 12th from the Crystal Run Galleria Mall at 11am until 2pm. More information can be found at

– WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling will hold their Spring Break Bash on Wednesday, March 16th at 6pm from the Charlotte Harbor Event Center in Punta Gorda, FL. RAW star Mason Ryan, stars of WWE NXT and 8 un-named matches are being advertised.

– Jim Ross commented more on The Rock’s future with WWE on his website:

“I don’t’ know the Rock’s exact role at WM27 other than I am confident it will be impactful even without him wrestling a match. He says that he is not going to wrestle again and I take Rock at his word. I feel he’s back for a one night only appearance for now but I can’t predict the future. Rock will never ’emotionally’ leave WWE but his movie schedule, etc will likely never allow him to return full time. WM28 is too far off for me to even remotely comment or guess on what might happen. Now…head to the store and order some of the best tasting products known to man.

I think that Rock has wrestled his last match already. I do think that he will confront Cena at WM27 in some shape, form or fashion.”

  • damkat

    The Rock makes decent movies but they are not blockbusters. IMO he is never going to be a hollywood money maker so why not do what you do best and entertain the wrestling fans while you still can!

  • RawIsWar

    The Rock had more buzz and was most talked about when he returned to the WWE then he ever was in his Movie/Film/Acting Career. maybe or hopefully he’ll realize that and return cause no one cares about his movies! his last film flopping should be a perfect example and proof of that… and the funny thing is it’s not like the film sucked it was actually good.

  • VengeVega

    NM Robinson had it right. He said he’s never going away. I think we will see him once in a great while the Austin.

  • VengeVega

    I assumed when the Rock said he is back and will never leave AGAIN (he did say “again” right?) he meant he was back to wrestle. Wishful thinking I guess. Hopefully he told this to JR BEFORE he got the sickest pop imaginable. And considering how jacked he looked, I don’t see why he shouldn’t (screw the mostly lame movies for a while). I’m guessing he will wrestle a few high profile matches before all is said and done. Wishful thinking…

  • Robinson

    Did anybody actually watch raw. the rock said that “the rock is never going away” meaning that his character and name will never leave wwe not him physically. idiots.

  • Trixie

    i think he meant he got hungry so he’s going to the store to get food. Or he wants the reader to go buy his bbq sauce?

  • Buttercastle

    I don’t get the last sentence of the first paragraph.

  • jus saiyan

    he said hes never leaving implying hes gonna keep coming back, i dunno why everyone took it so literally as to think he is gonna be back every week, hes an established movie star now, why would he drop back to raw?

    as for his role in WM, he mentioned miz and cena in his promo, i’m tipping cena wins the e-chamber to vs miz at WM and come thru on his threat to cole saying “tell your boy hes a deadman” so rock will have either a ref, or interference in the miz vs cena title match, makes sense that everyone meets their criteria that way no?

  • Bikgsw

    I beleave you 100% JR

  • Dan

    I think vince will be the gm and make cena his bitch against rock 🙂

  • wAnxTa

    Wtf i thought he was back for good !