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JR on the Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart Feud and Tonight’s Hart Appreciation Night Show

Below are highlights from Jim Ross’ latest blog

Bret Hart Appreciation Night

@WWE Raw originates from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and, if I can be serious for a moment (Thanks to my friend @LanceStorm) tonight’s live broadcast should feature a fun atmosphere if the Calgary fans are on their usual game. (What’s the over/under for King’s ‘Bizzaroland’ references?) I’m relatively sure that you’ve heard of the WWE APP and it will really come in handy tonight for many of us who want to see the Hitman portion of Monday Night RAW.

Steve Austin / Bret Hart Feud

On the Austin vs. Hart Feud: Steve Austin has often told me that Bret Hart was, arguably, Steve’s favorite. all time opponent and who can forget the amazing performance and classic display of in ring psychology that Hitman and Austin displayed at WM13? That match is timeless and is a ‘must study’ for any young wrestler or aspiring grappler. It’s also one of my all time favorite bouts. That match holds up as well today as it did all those years ago in Chicago at WM13. I loved the fact that neither man ever played the ‘role’ of a wrestler but instead played themselves who happen to wrestle for a living. That match on March 23, 1997 stole the show at that WM event. Much credit needs to be given to Bret Hart who was the more experienced, ‘incumbent’ in the match and that outing did as much to make the Stone Cold character what it was to become as any single bout in Austin’s career. How the match was structured and executed, excellently executed by the way, helped define the Texas Rattlesnake persona notwithstanding re-positioning Bret to many WWE fans.