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JR Suspects Heat Between Cena & The Rock After RAW, Foley & Korpela Comment

– Mick Foley and former WWE announcer Jack Korpela wrote the following on Twitter about the promo between John Cena and The Rock on last night’s RAW:

Korpela: “@TheRock is simply on a different level. Makes @JohnCena and @CMPunk look amateur. What does @wwe have to do to build a new Rock? @TheRock proved again tonight why he is among the top three @wwe superstars ever. @HulkHogan @steveaustinBSR and @therock made this business”

Foley: “That promo felt kind of uncomfortable to watch. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross seems to think there may be legit heat between Cena and The Rock after last night’s show. Ross wrote:

“@JohnCena calling @TheRock a “SOB” tonite shocked me & made me uncomfortable. Sounded more personal than in a professional context…IMO.”

“It’s getting personal…@JohnCena & @TheRock…legit. Guaranteed. No BS.”

A fan then asked JR if there is legit heat between the two. Ross replied:

“If there wasn’t before tonight, there certainly seems to be now.”

  • centerman

    Seems Cena came out and SHUT DOWN the Rock’s roll. Pretty intense.

  • Captain

    The Rock seemed to be out of character.. Normally its Rock this and Rock that.. The Rock always spoke in 3rd person… But he didn’t in this promo. I really think Cena got to him.

  • MVP

    Cena is so angry at the Rock for coming & going,why doesn’t he get angry at guys like HHH & the Undertaker for doing the same thing?

  • Jeff


    Rocky’s farts > Any of Cena’s promo


    Lame comment!!

  • Whatever

    @RatedR2J, Crowd reacts always like that if the rock is back.
    even when the rock doesn’t speak and farts…

  • Bruno

    Korpela cannot accept the fact that cena destroyed the rock in 2 minutes. Cm punk is as good as cena and the rock

  • RatedR2J

    Cry baby smarks… To the whiners bitching about the Rock “not bringing it” obviously didnt hear the audience’s reaction throughout the Rock’s promo… I say he brought it.

  • The Dashing One

    It just seems that maybe they are teasing one of the two to turn heel cause Cena just made rock seem like he just cared about rock. Maybe he will go back to Hollywood Rock of 03. he was so badass then

  • scooter

    I’m sorry but punk and jerichos promo was infinitely better than the rock and cena

  • Stone Cold Truth

    JR is probably being told to say that it’s legit to make everyone believe they hate each other. Vince is trying this new line blurring between Reality and Kayfabe on the Internet.

  • Gorilla

    Its all work its the rock and john cena trying new things to make us wonder I’m loving the effort and new direction there taking in story telling and they got my attention but to believe its. Real now that’s a Walt Disney fairy tale its work

  • Whatever

    @me, yeah Cena really said it.
    I don’t care actually, those promos were awesome and were full of emotion (acted or not, don’t care either)
    the rock promo was good, cena was good, Y2J was just stunning and Punk was okay (Y2J was in the spotlight this time, Punk will be in the spotlight next…)

  • me

    also i think the only thing rock didn’t like was cena calling him out on the notes on his arm

  • me

    when did cena call the rock a sob? i saw rock call cena a bitch, not the other way around.

  • CC

    JR is working the fans with that comment. I do believe there is a degree of genuine heat between them, but not to the extent JR is trying to suggest.

    As for Korpela, normally I would agree with a statement that The Rock was the top promo guy, but last night Punk/Jericho trumped him big style.
    Rock was great, dont get me wrong, and certainly 100% better than Cena, but Punk/Jericho was a lot more riveting as it was the promo that to me sounded more shoot (even though it wasnt) than the Rock/Cena one.

  • shawn

    i agree with Monty. Cena was trying to make the fans go wild. they’re actors.

  • Really

    I think Korpela head is so far up The Rock’s arse you can see him when The Rock talks. Foley was right it was awkard to watch, one of the greatest ever at promos sucking so bad. Maybe Korpela’s head up his arse put him off.

  • Monty

    Its just build up to mania. Thw more they push each other the more the fans will get behind either wrestler. This is the Rock and Cena doing their best to make people want to their watch.I bet there are people out there that only know about Rock and Cena’s match and no others. I mean, those people who are not wrestling fans, who just know that the Rock and Cena are fighting and will just tune in fpor that match.