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JR Says WWE May Crown a New NXT Champion with a Tournament

– WWE will tape more episodes of the new NXT this Thursday night at Full Sail University in Florida.

In his latest blog on, NXT announcer Jim Ross says there is talk of having a tournament to crown the first-ever WWE NXT Champion. Ross wrote:

“There is talk of having a tournament to crown a NXT Champion which, if and when it is held, could create some amazing opportunities for several young athletes looking to get noticed with the hopes of making it to a Raw or Smackdown WWE roster.”

  • sdp

    I’ve watched 3 episodes of this new NXT and I must admit I’m quite impressed with what they are doing. An hour long of just wrestling basically tiny promos here and there but that’s it. For the people saying an “NXT title” it’s not for Raw or Smackdown… it’s for the NXT show which only airs in Florida at the moment I believe on a local channel but you can find videos on youtube and what not

  • adam

    European possibly.As much as people want it they will never bring back the hardcore title they are past that.

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  • yofits

    NXT title sucks, bring back the european & hardcore titles!

  • adam

    @azman drew hastn even been on the show if anything it means a belt for seth richie steamboat or bray wyatt

  • aszman

    i don’t care for more titles or jobber belts. Why not bring back the european, hardcore and television champions? NXT champ means what exactly, a belt for drew mcintyre?

  • adam

    @will thats what they are doing now FCW is just called NXT i think they will probably bring out tag titles as well soon

  • Will Henderson

    Since the NXT is pretty much FCW, does this mean the FCW brand is slowly being phased out and NXT is now the Developmental brand of the WWE.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    i would say that the first champ will be either bo rotunda or seth rollins..

  • OGitchida

    Me, personally, I never cared for NXT….. but this does sound interesting…. a good way to expose the up and coming… I will actually be watching when this does down !!!!