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Partial source: F4Wonline.com

- WWE recently registered the trademark “Showtime Percy Watson” for the NXT season 2 Rookie of the same name.

- SmackDown’s JTG wrote the following on Twitter regarding Daniel Bryan’s release. As of this writing, JTG is the only WWE Superstar besides John Cena who has commented on Bryan’s release. JTG wrote: “B4 I go to bed I wanna give a shout out to NXT star brian danielson.One of the most talented workers in the biz,hope to see you back brother”

- John Cena’s Tweets regarding Daniel Bryan have caused a lot of speculation, mainly that Cena addressing the release on Twitter makes it feel much more like an angle and not a legit departure.

WWE’s whole idea behind putting Cena on Twitter was to push storylines and his character. It’s no secret that WWE officials want their talents to use Twitter as a way to push what’s on TV.

As noted before, some within the company have been feeling like Bryan’s release is an angle and with Cena’s new comments, that feeling among some is stronger than before.

  • Morenox

    I heard that Bryan got fired for spitting in Cena’s face, “Spitting in Cena’s face did not comply with the strict PG rating that they annoyingly go by now..”

  • Mabry

    it would be cool if it was a work. i just found out about Bryan´s release. This might be a good storyline for Raw… hopefully they beat the cr*p outta Cena every week so he stops looking so superman-eske….

  • Austin

    I also think that Bryan will reaturn. He probably come out from the stands and attack someone and make a run for it(probably champions and main eventers like Cena and Edge). Bottom line is this isnt the last time we will see Danielson.

  • Mordecai

    That’s what I’ve been thinking, that if they mention the release of Bryan Danielson, then to me that will just further develop the idea that it’s a work because honestly, how many times do you hear about talent being released on live tv?

  • hodgie

    Ok so last week we find out that WWE wants their storylines to be more “reality” based. So my thought is that Bryans has been released, and tonight the WWE will address this by saying something like “because of the attack last week, Bryans was released to stress the point that these attacks will not be tolerated and if they continue more people will be fired.” However I expect Bryans to keep showing up to the shows, via audience and attacking wrestlers at random, prompting the attacked wrestlers (Cena, etc) to beg WWE to reinstate Bryans leading to a program that will culminate at SummerSlam.

    Just my thoughts and I will watch to see just how close I am to being right.

  • The_Electrifying_One

    I gotta say good idea with the storyline thing Burt.

    Im still not too sure but if its a story line. They may drag this out to Summerslam or Survivor Series. Have the rookies run roit on Raw for a few months to build their status up then have some sort of match at Summerslam.

    Have the rookies whip the Raw roster and have have like all 8 on Cena.
    Theme music suddenly hits and out comes either Carlito and/or Daniel Bryan (probs to a huge pop).

    He comes down to the ring looks like He’s about to kick Cena’s face in then clears house defeating the rookies and coming back as a face.

    Possibly will never happen but I love the idea of that happening.

  • EtTuBrute

    If the Danielson release is legit, I feel really bad for him. He will be the first wrestler to lose his job for doing his job.

  • me

    burt im with ya on this one

  • Burt

    Honestly, you’re right Tookie. Perhaps they should just hire me as Head of Creative. ;-)

  • Tookie

    no offense burt but wwe creative isn’t that smart. it would be great, but no.

  • effmenow




  • Burt

    Interesting theory regarding Cena and Twitter, but didn’t he also comment on Carlito’s release or am I mistaken? Also, what if Carlito’s release was also part of this angle. Perhaps, since Carlito seemed pissed with having to be a mentor, then getting released, he was the guy to have the nXt guys take out Cena. Remember, at some point last year, Carlito came out and did a worked shoot promo against Cena. Basically calling him out for what he is. Hhm… this whole thing gets more interesting by the minute!

  • Bingo Nik

    Would WWE deliberately work an angle that forces comparisons to the Chris Benoit murders though?

  • nottingham

    I lean towards it being a work… Sorry, but the whole tie thing makes absolutely no sense… Especially when the whole thing needed to be worked out in advance and Bryan had no issues beforehand.

    If this was some guy who had made multiple offenses and did something a little over the edge… fine… but his first “offense” is a fireable one for choking a guy with a tie for 2 seconds? I seem to remember The One Man Rock Band during the same thing grabbing a ring rope and putting it on Cena’s throat… why isn’t he gone?

    Gotta say.. sounds like a work to me.

  • TJ

    it is clearly an angle in my eyes, if you remember bryan danielson said that the character daniel bryan is dead and that bryan danielson has arrived or something to that effect when he was eliminated on nxt. He is on another level compared to the nxt guys and this is probably vinces way of getting him into the main roster with the name that everyone loves and knows.

  • little kid

    do you think my vince deserves to have his fucking heading kicked in the cunt sign will be too graphic for the sign nazis?

  • me

    it’s not a storyline.

  • Bingo Nik

    I still can’t decide if it’s a work or not… If so, I totally have to commend WWE for generating so much online chatter pertaining to the incident.

    Either way – I hope the chants for Daniel are loud and persistent on RAW tonight.

  • Tap Or Snap

    I hope it is a storyline, if so… will be worth it. If not, WWE drops the ball.

  • Treg

    I dunno.. I still think it’s not a work.

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