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JTG Gets Props from Some Talents, Update on Tatsu Speaking Out, More

– A few weeks back, we recapped a Japanese blog by WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu where he complained about being unhappy, mostly with how WWE wouldn’t let him raise money for earthquake victims in Japan last year.

When Tatsu got to Japan for this year’s tour, all of the Japanese media wanted to talk to him about the blog but he was really scared to speak out because of the trouble AW got in. After this year’s tour, there was a fan movement in Japan to try and get New Japan Pro Wrestling to sign Tatsu. Tatsu previously wrestled there under his real name. The Japanese fans knew what Tatsu blogged about and felt that he may be released by WWE. From within WWE, here have been no reports of Tatsu’s job being in jeopardy.

– After last week’s reports about WWE talents being upset with the Central and South American tour payoffs, we noted that WWE sent out a text message saying there was a clerical error and that new payments would be issued. That text message to the talents read like this: “There was an accounting error on the Brazil checks that we have rectified. You will be receiving a new check asap.”

This text message came almost immediately after complaints were voiced by JTG, which saw him become very popular among the midcard wrestlers because some saw him as a guy at the lowest rung of the WWE ladder who stood up to management which resulted in everyone getting more money.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Tatsu could be a great Muta type heel if WWE had any sense, Ofcourse they would have to get rid of that stupid theme music.

  • Bobobobobo

    It would be awesome if they put Tatsu as a heel with Tensai as his bodyguard

  • Bobobobobo

    I thought they had something with Yoshi Tatsu on NXT when he debuted his new mask gimmick, but they kept that awful theme song along with it….

  • Oi

    I think WWE is going to have alot of guys speaking out and or packing it up and getting the “F” out of there….. No one wants to get signed and disrespected by not being used or paid sh*t….

  • Cropsy

    I would love to see them use Tatsu more.

  • Davey Zoo


    When has he ever been given the chance to do anything of significance?

  • Chris E.

    Yeah, how can you justify working as a wrestler and having all your TV time being used as a jobber. What the hell kind of legacy is that. Yoshi Tatsu should get out of there.

  • Stu

    When was the last time Yoshi did anything of significance?