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Juan Cena Character Done Already?, Kidd vs. Smith on Superstars & More

by Staff - December 02, 2010

PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

- Matches for tonight’s WWE Superstars include Tyler Reks vs. Trent Baretta, William Regal vs. Darren Young and David Hart Smith vs. Tyson Kidd.

- It’s said that Jamie Keyes’ appearance on Tuesday’s NXT was a one-time thing and she is not being re-hired by the company.

- WWE may have nixed the Juan Cena character after some new promotional material for upcoming live events no longer lists him as appearing. At some events, Edge is replacing Juan in the main events. As noted before, Juan’s debut at the WWE live event on Sunday was considered a trial run but they did have plans to use the character.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Scully


    Is it because their some of the only wrestlers in the WWE that can ACTUALLY wrestle? lol.

  • Truthiness


    David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd are so boring they don’t deserve a PPV match.

  • jim

    It’s being reported that at the WWE Raw taping 2 weeks ago in Orlando, a fan showed up wearing Hulk Hogan merchandise, and security instructed him to remove it. The fan was then given a “Stand-Up for WWE” shirt to wear instead.

    read this on wrestle zone…how is this for free speach..funny during lindas campaign all vice preached was free speach this and that..yet if you show up to one of his shows with a TNA wrestler merch on they force you to remove it..yet he whined when they didnt want voters to wear his crap to voting booths..vince is a moron.

  • Matt


    Well it wouldn’t be the first thing he sucked at! :D

  • SusyRKO

    I think that Cena didn’t make the mexican acento good

  • http://Wrestlingedge.com James

    I want to see john cena vs the undertaker at wrestlemania 27

  • shawn

    i dont think i have the channel that superstars is on. i wanna see that kidd vs. smith match on tv.

  • Sammo

    It was already insulting enough to The Hart Dynasty to not have their “break -up” match on PPV… but to relegate it to Superstars and not even feature it on RAW is a right kick in the teeth for both performers.

  • Micheal82

    Somebody at the WWE saw how stupid the idea of Juan Cena

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