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July 25th – Four WWE Title Changes on PPV


Source: PWInsider

1953 – Blue Demon defeats El Santo in Mexico City, Mexico, for the NWA World Welterweight Title, ending Santo’s second title reign.

1955 – Frank Jares defeats Sonny Myers for the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title in Birmingham, Alabama.

1958 – Sonny Myers wins a tournament final in St. Joseph, Missouri for his ninth Central States Heavyweight Title. The belt had been vacated months earlier by Richard Brown.

1977 – Captain USA (Big John Studd under a mask) defeats Bruiser Brody for the American Heavyweight Title (later to become the World Class World Heavyweight Title) in Ft. Worth, Texas. This ended Brody’s second reign with the belt.

1980 – Ken Mantell defeats Wahoo McDaniel in a tournament final to win the Mid-South Louisiana Heavyweight Title. Junkyard Dog had been forced to vacate the title after he was blinded by the Fabulous Freebirds.

1983 – Jimmy Garvin defeats Kevin Von Erich in Ft. Worth, Texas to win the American Heavyweight Title (later to become the World Class World Heavyweight Title). The title had been held up following a controversial no-contest between the two on July 11th. This ended Von Erich’s 4th run with the title.

1983 – Jerry Lawler defeats Ken Patera for the AWA International Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, starting his second title reign.

1984 – Bull Nakano defeats Itsuki Yamazaki for the All Japan Singles Title in Yamato, Japan.

1999 – WWF holds their Fully Loaded Pay-per-view event in Buffalo, New York at the Marine Midland Arena. Here are the results:
In matches shown on Sunday Night Heat:
– Val Venis defeated Joey Abs.
– The Godfather defeated Meat (Sean Stasiak).
– Christian defeated Viscera.
In matches shown on the Pay-per-view:
– Jeff Jarrett defeated Edge to win the Intercontinental Title when Gangrel interfered, allowing Jarrett to hit a forward legsweep (later called The Stroke) for the win. Post-match, Steve Austin ran out and gave Jarrett a stunner, then promised to take care of the Undertaker later in the show.
– The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw) defeated The Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes in a handicap match when the Acolytes hit a double powerbomb on Michael Hayes and pinned him. As a result, the Acolytes won the WWF World Tag Team Title from the Hardys, even though neither belt holder was pinned.
– D’Lo Brown defeated Mideon to win the WWF European Title with the Lo-Down frog splash.
– Big Bossman defeated Al Snow to win the Hardcore Title by pinning him against a metal gate.
– The Big Show defeated Kane with the Showstopper. Hardcore Holly was the referee, and was biased against Kane for much of the match. Post-match, X-Pac attacked Holly and Show, but The Undertaker ran out and attacked Pac, then helped Big Show beat down Kane.
– Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman by knockout in an Iron Circle match (parking lot brawl) when he hit Blackman with a chain.
– Road Dogg & X-Pac defeated Billy Gunn & Chyna to win the rights to the “D-Generation X” name when Road Dogg pinned Gunn with a pumphandle slam.
– Triple H defeated The Rock in a strap match with a Pedigree, after interference from Chyna & Billy Gunn. Post-match, Triple H claimed he didn’t need their help, and walked off without them.
– WWF World Champion Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker in a First Blood match. Earlier in the evening, Austin and Undertaker attacked each other backstage, each drawing blood, so both men entered the match bandaged. The finish of the match saw X-Pac come down and kick a chair out of the Undertaker’s hands. Austin hit Undertaker with a TV camera, busting him open, and winning the match. As a result, Vince McMahon was no longer allowed to appear on television. Post-match, Triple H came down to attack Austin, and Rock came down to attack Triple H.

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