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Kaitlyn’s Message to Eve, John Cena Responds to Vickie Guerrero

– John Cena responded to Vickie Guerrero’s comments on Twitter yesterday regarding AJ Lee resigning as Raw GM.

“Bit of advice @ExcuseMeWWE I know u r proud of your ‘actions’ but if u wanna run your mouth about me, it wont work. Ask @therock”

– Embedded below is a message Kaitlyn issued to Eve Torres on Tout.

  • beautiful gal

    pat i have a boyfriend thank you very much
    vickie guerrero is not a good manager of running a show raw or smackdown remember when she was gm of smackdown she used her power to sleep her way to the top with male wwe superstars in storyline tv helped them win championships basically abused her power
    vickie guerrero being raw managing supervisor is a temporary job until
    vince mc mahon finds a permanant general manager of raw which will not be her, and vickie guerrero already has a few enemies in john cena and aj and anyone else in past she has annoyed with her actions
    i think the general of manager or raw should be booker t or teddy long or a past general manager who does not abuse their power but who is a true professional with how they do their job and conduct themselves in the business world vickie guerrero is not the manager of champions far from it she is just a power hungry greedy person who will tell lies and to use and to hurt people to get what she wants pretty pathetic, if i feel sorry for anyone its john cena aj lee katlyn kelly kelly and anyone else who vickie make life a living hell for what goes around will come around and it will catch up to vickie guerrero

  • Eric

    well vickie guerreo did good job with edge manage edge to world title in 2008. manage ziggler to us. ic title cup of cofee world title run. manage swagger as us champion. ecw manager bill afonzo called himself manager of champions in 90’s ecw. well last 5 yrs vickie has been manager of champions. from edge, ziggler, swagger she makes champions out of superstars. just as bill a. did with rvd, in ecw. just as bobby brain did in 90’s with mr perfect rick rude, haku and andre giant. vickie is manager of champions

  • Pat

    still got that hard on for vickie i see, well at least you’re toning it down somewhat
    shocked really

  • beautiful gal

    what goes around will come around and Vickie Guerrero running her mouth about the other wwe superstars will catch up to her
    she will make alot of enemies among the wwe superstars and if anyone is going to be taught a lesson it will be Vickie Guerrero due to her own actions, and her reign as managing raw superstar will be a short one as its not a permant job vickie guerrero will use her power while she has it to get what she wants like she done in past and to make all the wwe superstars lives a living hell, the board of directors mad a big mistake giving vickie the job of managing raw as raw managing supervisor, but then Vickie Guerrero lied to get the job

  • misfit del rio

    It’s still real to me dammit!!

  • Another John

    Actions speak louder than words.

  • Jericho4life

    Ya .. But they Really Owned Each other During their Promos

  • Another John

    That was a dumb comment by Cena. The Rock beat him. So is he saying Vickie will teach him a lesson as well.

  • Bastion Booger

    It worked for the Rock he beat Cena didnt he?