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Kalisto shoots on Enzo Amore: “I believe he brought to 205 Live was his catchphrases”

Enzo Amore isn’t really everyone’s favorite Superstar anymore. He still has a couple supporters but those numbers have drastically diminished as time went by. At this point, there’s still some doubt he’s able to even go in the locker room as his backstage heat has reportedly not gotten any better.

The Cruiserweight Champion spoke to Bleacher Report where he didn’t hold anything back when discussing his disdain for Enzo Amore.

“The only thing that I believe he brought to 205 Live was his catchphrases. How long is that going to last? It’s going to get old. It’s going to get boring. And people are going to know, that dude can’t go. It’s just a matter of time.”

“I can fight. I can fly. I can grapple. I can wrestle. I do judo. I can do everything” Kalisto said

  • Solid

    Haha yeah, fond memories.

  • CC

    “I can do a good lucha thing .. wooo… dammit” Kalisto said

  • CC

    He was my favourite when he was getting booted round the ring by Cass .. mainly because it was the first time he was quiet since the Vaudevillians knocked him out 😉

  • Jessie L Williams II

    he can do everything…..but…..cut….promos….

  • Solid

    Sorry, when was he everyone’s favourite superstar?

  • joe nobody

    He sounds bitter maybe he’s losing his belt tonight