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Kamala Has More Of His Leg Amputated, John Cena’s Favorite Former Superstar

— After having his foot amputated last month due to complications of high blood pressure and diabetes, former WWE talent James Harris (a/k/a Kamala) was hospitalized Wednesday to remove the upper part of his leg.

Kamala Jr wrote on Facebook, “Please pray for Kamala Sr as he is back in the hospital, they are having to remove the upper part of the same leg. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!!!”

— This month on WWE Classics On Demand, various WWE Superstars and Legends are giving the gift of their favorite past or present Superstar in a match. John Cena is included and reveals his favorite Superstar as Dick Murdoch. A match from 1989 pitting Murdoch against Lex Luger is then shown.

— Sean Conway, nephew of former WWE star Rob Conway, made his professional wrestling debut last week at OVW Homecoming 6. The family duo defeated Flash Flanagan and Lennox Norris in a tag team match.

  • Gary

    Most likly same guy, different name, it isnt hard to change names or ip’s

  • voice of reason

    ha ha kamala’s foot it’s sooooooo funny to make fun of someone’s disability i pray to god something like this happens to you i wonder then would you make a mockery of the mans problem so please show some common decency for your fellow man & lay off of him especially at this time of year.

  • Kamala’s Foot

    Hey, guys. I may have been removed from Kamala’s leg, but I am still okay.

  • StudDog

    Thanks Voice and a big SEMPER FI! and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you. Yep got home earlier than expected and kept it a suprise. Been one big party here the last 2 days with all the freinds and family visiting.
    Kamala my family and I will have you in our prayers this holliday season and beyond.
    I remember growing up watching Kamala on wrestling, coming to the ring and slapping his belly. (:


  • voice of reason

    @ stud dog i forgot SEMPER FI mate

  • voice of reason

    hey stud dog great to hear from you i’ll pop open a wild turkey & coke for you on christmas day it’s great to hear your back home i bet the kids when you got back were over the moon to see you & i bet your wife had a list of jobs longer than your arm for you to do.

    have a great christmas mate & i look forward to meeting you one day.

  • venom

    I hope Kamala gets well soon. This has to be very scary. I know everybody is saying theMark is failing at trolling, but everybody is acknowledging the comment. I think trolls are here to get everybody upset, and that is what he did.

  • StudDog

    Hey voice! I’ll have one for ya! Hell I’ll have 2!
    Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I’m home to stay for now.


  • voice of reason

    @ tombstonepiledriver thanks for the apoligy have a great christmas & please if you have a beer have one for me

  • voice of reason

    now if i was gonna go balistic i’d say

    @themark what the fuck is running through your head telling a person to slit his own throat you little maggot your nothing but a cretan & is in need of some serious anger management

    but that is what i’d say if i was really angry but themark is like a dog barking at the moon the dog barks away but the moon pays no heed to it.

    now for kamala i genuinely hope he can get back to being healthy again it’s not easy having this sort of surgery this close to christmas & kamala’s loss may be felt even more being so close to christmas.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @everyone—-My apologies, I went on a tirade. Yes I know how hypocritical it sounded for me to cuss someone out and then talk about praying. @theMARK, no apologie to you and your still a jerk.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @Gary said it very well and was for the most part polite. @voice of reason took it very easy on you. I on the other hand will not be so polite.
    You or nothing but a sorry ass little punk. You come on here and try miserabley to be a troll and you totally fail just like you have at everything else in your sorry pathetic excuse for a life. Making fun of someone losing their leg at Christmas is something only a sorry ass son of a bit-h would do. Grow the hell up and get a life asshole.

    My thoughts and prayers to Kamala and his family.

  • Jason

    Now the trolling douchebags have something else to bitch about (the thumbs up/thumbs down). Kinda seen this sort of thing at the inception. Ah well to each their own I guess.

    Anyone however who wishes things like that on others and don’t care about the welfare of a legend who has entertained millions upon millions of people is beneath contempt. Kamala/Jim Harris is a human being for christ sake. Hence them using his name especially using it first as opposed to just using his ring name.

    While I may not care for Zack Gowen the comment was totally tasteless & classless so how about thinking before you comment there jerky.


    He probably used a separate e-mail address so he could give a thumbs up. I see at least one dislike coming and I wonder from who …..

  • voice of reason

    @ themark how dare you have the nerve to tell someone to slit their own throat that is pretty sick.

    @ gary keep on doing what your doing

    i hope kamala gets well soon & recovers from this new surgery but it’s such a comfort to know he has his family to rally around him.

  • AUSTIN316

    its only cenas favortie wwe superstar because of his first name (dick)

  • jim

    THEMARK is a sick person to say the things about those two men SICK SOB

  • Gary

    US? who are you speaking for, they added this like and dislike for a reason. so tell your friend, the ONLY person who gave your stupid comment a thumbs up to leave…no one agreed with your comment, it was a fail attempt just like ur reply of being a troll…. if your gna troll be funny…never said i was tough, but atleast im not dogging a guy for losing his leg…

  • theMark

    what r u a professional Troll? Big tough guy over here guys….he might make a scary face at the computer or clench his fist!!!
    Why dont u just go slit ur fuckin throat and do US all a favor

  • Bill

    @PSC, oh, I see. Thanks, man.

  • PinkSinCara

    Dich Murdoch is a very old-school wrestler. No gimmick, no personality really. He was a surprise entrant in the 95 Rumble I think….

  • Gary

    Here ya go Bill, remember, Google is your friend 🙂

  • Bill

    I don’t mean to sound uninformed or disrespectful, but who’s Dick Murdoch? I mean, I’m not too knowlegable on 80s wrestling, but stil. Does anyone have any info on him? Just wondering.

  • Gary

    hey TheMark, nt but yet another fail at trolling…wow this site has alot of WANNABE trolls… Prayers are with kamala…hope he gets better

  • Anthony

    Wow. A lot of class on this site…
    I’m sure if you had this happening to you, you wouldn’t want people cracking those jokes.
    All the best to Kamala.

  • ChocoboyScott


    Are you some sort of cunt?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Poor guy. All happening and this close to Christmas.

  • theMark

    Zach Gowen is as Useful as Kamala’s leg!!!
    I wonder if Kamala would ever win a Last Man Standing Match…

  • 1919

    yeh like praying will help..

  • Mark

    awww poor Kamala, wish him all the best