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Kane Accidentally Bleeds During Match On Raw, Bobby Lashley Attends Show

– Kane bled under his mask on Monday’s Raw SuperShow after receiving an errant shot during the tag team match against Big Show and Chris Jericho. The mishap was not serious and he was able to finish the bout.

– Former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley indicated on his Twitter account that he attended Monday’s duel Raw SuperShow and SmackDown event in Denver, Colorado. He tweeted two hours before the show, “Heading to the shows in Denver tonight!”

Lashley, who parted ways with WWE in 2008 and moved to the world of mixed martial arts, announced last week that he is hitting the wrestling circuit gain and accepting offers for upcoming events, autograph signings and other appearances via

– The July 7, 2012 episode of A.M. Raw garnered a 0.33 cable rating, with 383,000 viewers.

  • Poko….not saying every match wack your opponent in the head 10 times. That research also doesn’t mention the thousands of people that aren’t effected nor indicate that “test subjects” don’t have other issues. I would challenge you to research the number of linebackers or quartbacks that have played in the NFL and see the ratio of “life altering” results from concussions? By no means do I expect or want any athlete to enure a life threatening or altering injury, all I am saying is that we are not all sceintest (at least I am not) so we have to try to be realist. All good we can agree to disagree….and I think most of u on this site will agree that WWE’s current product stinks!

  • StudDog….I wasn’t putting down America as a whole, what I was saying is that our great country is becoming a bunch of wusses that has begin to rely on the media and big brother to make personal choice decisions for us. That’s all…..and I ment tiddely wings (you don’t remember the game tiddely wings?)

  • CC

    @poko, spot on. Couldnt agree more.
    Oh and Dave, HHH and Undertaker got fined for it, but that doesnt mean anyone can do it and nobody can stop them. WWE are hardly likely to fire those two for disobeying them, but can you imagine the likes of Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder or any of the other mid or lower card getting away with it?

  • of course he can continue , he’s Kane for F&^k Sake

  • Dave

    And besides. If the wrestlers involved decide that chair shots to the head can actually add to a match, there is nothing the company can do to stop them. Undertaker and Triple H added in their own chair shots to the head at Wrestlemania 27. Both got fined for it. But both freely admitted they felt the match needed it to add to the drama.

  • poko

    Chair shots to the head are gone. Massive amounts of research have shown that repeated concussions can greatly impact the quality of life for former athletes, and even shorten their careers. It’s not worth it just so some fans can feel “hardcore”. Concussions have been linked to dementia, depression, and have been suggested as factors in athlete suicides.

    Chair shots to the head are gone for good, and rightly so. It’s time to get over it.

  • StudDog


    DUMBASS! While I do agree with some of what you say I do not agree with you putting down America. So your in the USA. Well you know what they say, Love it or leave it.
    BTW What in the blue hell is a tiddely wing?

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Little Jimmy

    Bobby “Bathturd” Lashley FTW!

  • Btw Skipper…. I just watched Foley take 10 head shots with hands handcuffed behind his back…..humm Mick hasn’t gone “crazy”. Sometimes shit happens with certain people……..Benoit’s situation was just that .01% and we are going to base all decisions on one man? Typical new breed American (and yes I am from America). It just grates my crawl when people fall into the liberal press’s bullshit!

  • Skip, skip, skip……hummmm so do u also think that because a person gets hit by a car no one should drive???? I mean really, it’s wrestling not tiddely wing….if u are American, u are probably one that think a football quarterback should not get hit. Uuugghhhh…….

  • Skip

    Head shots are not necessary given the danger of concussions. If no more chair shots prevents another Benoit incident then it’s all good.

  • The Awesome One

    i wish wwe would show blood more often its not the same,also chair shots to the head and get hardcore again

  • Bill

    Even though he wasn’t the beat on the mic, I really liked Lashley & felt he was a likeable face. If he did return to WWE now, I don’t know how to feel about it.

  • mabry

    I think Lashley could have been good had he not left, and had he not been buried by Cena….