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Kane Doesn’t Want to Talk About Isaac Yankem, Jerry Lawler vs. Brian Christopher, WWE In STL

– Kane recently appeared on The KiddChris Show in Cincinnati. The guys mentioned Kane’s former gimmick of Isaac Yankem and Kane hung up on them:

– WWE announced at last night’s live event in St. Louis that they will return to the Scottrade Center on April 28th for a live RAW. The pre-sale password is STLRAW.

– Jerry Lawler will face his son Brian Christopher on January 30th in Memphis, TN for the Southern Heavyweight Classic tournament at Minglewood Hall. The event starts at 7pm.

  • Bolivwx

    Quite obviously Kane is not allowed to talk about his old gimmick. I remember Matt Striker made a reference of both of both gimmicks being the same person and it was WWE’s decision to edit it out as the event aired in different countries.

  • ChrisDV

    Dammit, Kane! Dr Shelby was supposed to have helped you come to terms with your past.

  • Demandred

    That’s perfect for Kane’s next gimmick! Instead of getting angry and chokeslamming someone, he can firmly hang up on them whilst on the phone! Heck, pair him up with Goldust with the dreaded finishing move “I BLOCKED YOU ON TWITTER” and you’ve got gold on your hands. They can be the first passive aggressive tag champs in history!

  • Hardlyaaron

    I don’t see how their conversation was them being douchey. Now I’ve never listened to this show before now, but coming in and hearing the start of the conversation where they call him by a previous gimmick of his and he gets upset? He seems to have been the childish one to me. I thought they were pretty cool with him until he was off the phone and not trying to be antagonizing at all.

  • CC

    Maybe if they didnt act like childish douches, people wouldnt keep hanging up on them.
    Simple fact is, if people keep doing it to them, maybe thats their fault huh.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Maybe he would have preferred they talk about Fake Diesel?