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Kane vs. John Cena for the WWE Title?, New WWE Trademark, Riddick Bowe

– Former Heavyweight Champion boxer Riddick Bowe got involved at an independent pro wrestling show back in early December in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Bowe knocked out a heel manager named Ricky O during a tag team match that saw Sgt. Slaughter and The Patriot take on The Nigerian Nightmares.

– The Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, Kansas is advertising a WWE Title Match between John Cena and Kane for the February 3rd RAW live event. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio is also advertised.

– WWE has registered to trademark “Fear My Name” which will likely be a catchphrase for a new or existing character.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • adam

    The hear me fear me thing could be for kane if he does talk with hte mask on who knows. Because im sure he would embrace the fear since he obviously hates cenas shirt that says to stop hate.

  • venom

    I would like to see Kane as WWE champion again, but I think after Wrestlemania would be a good time. I do think this is a mistake.

  • MaNic


    types before he thinks alot

  • @ tombstonepiledriver i know kane has had alot of good history in the past but how could him or john cena fit into a storyline with cm punk it would make no sense

  • jo

    he was title less for a whole year before you morons

  • The Dashing One

    Im not one who supports Cena as champ, but having Kane as champ now that he is back as a masked monster would be awesome. Cause as much as I love CM Punk, he is becoming bland and stale and his best in the world gimmick is getting annoying. However, i believe the upcoming feud with the Best in the world at what he does Mr. Jericho will help revive his gimmick cause if it doesn’t Punk will be just as stale as Cena and Orton!

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    Might as well have just said its for anybody at all instead of a current or debuting superstar

  • No1Coleminer

    nooooo please nomore cena as champ, we dont need this, had enough of it, dont let it happen!! thats how the song goes right?

  • Mordecai

    “Fear my Name” hmm sounds like Mordecai w/ his “Hear me, Fear me!” but in reality it’s probably for the man behind the 1/2/12 promos…

  • Graham

    Kane to drop cena into a flaming pool of fire, killin cena this will then result in john cena and WWE PG no More.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Kane has done a hell of alot. He may have just came back from an injury but just look back at what he has done over the years. He has more than paid his dues.

  • how could cena or kane get a title shot i mean what have they done kane just came back and cena hasnt done anything he wasnt even at the ppv

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Kane vs Cena is definetly not the same old shit. While I agree that Cena does not need to hold the title for awhile he could still lose some title matches.

  • adam

    It could also be a mistake because it has a match with cena vs del rio so it could of ment for that.

  • RAMSES 2

    WWE CHAMPION KANE!!!!!!!!!

  • Buttercastle

    It’s obviously for Santino

  • CC

    “which will likely be a catchphrase for a new or existing character.”
    I like how they are hedging their bets now with these news reports after a lot of the posters on here made them look like amateurs when they post the story about the great white and mr future endeavoured being for new characters, and a whole bunch of people pointed out, rightly, that they were more than likely for sheamus and john laryngitis

  • Mark

    i agree , keep it off him, no point if hes meeting the Rock at Mania. CM Punk is fine as champion

  • Mark

    Please not again, Cena needs to be title less for atleast a year

  • Tombstone

    Kane vs Cena is definetly not the same ol shit. Hope Kane is the one with the belt tho. I do agree that it is time for Cena to take a break from holding the title but that doesnt mean he cant lose some championship matches.

  • MaNic

    same old shit! same old shit! keep the title off of Cena!

  • sandman

    Please WWE dont be stupid and put the title on john cena agian. He just dose not need it anymore. John Cena dose not need the title in order to make people watch the rock vs john cena match. Kepp the belt on punk and do punk vs y2j at wrestlemania.