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Kane Launches His Own Insurance Company, Update on His Future with WWE and Politics

– Kane and his wife have started a new insurance company in Knoxville, TN called The Jacobs Agency. They offer auto, home, motorcycle, RV, boat, life and commercial insurance, as well as retirement planning.

Kane has told people in the area that he’s been planning on retiring from WWE for some time now but it’s hard to walk away from the money, so he’s going to continue wrestling while he can still make the big money.

There’s also a feeling locally in the political world that at some point Kane would be interested in running for public office as a Libertarian party candidate.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • who

    I got my start watching Kerry Von Erich.

  • TellsItLikeItIs

    THIS JUST IN . . . who cares.

  • d_pooch

    Wrestlemania X8 is one of my favorites because of Hogan vs. Rock. WWE made the mistake of not booking it as the main event over Triple H/Jericho. Also because X8 had so many matches on the card, and because I was there.

    I also like Wrestlemania 3 because of the number of matches on the card, quality of matches, and also because it was in my hometown.

  • TheFizPop

    Personally i always preferred RR match and for some reason SummerSlam appealed to me more than WM, never really got why. Probably SS 92 kicked that off for me.

  • justAfan

    *Off subject* I been a pro wrestling fan for 24 years now. I can watch any Wrestlemania and enjoy it. I don’t consider there to be a bad or worst Wrestlemania. Yes they could have gone different directions and booked differently. But WWE did at the time of each event, what the company thought to be of best interest. Like I said every Show is memorable to me. I do have a top 10 favorites list I would like to share. I hope to also see others favorites listed. And I welcome feed back negative or positive. But in the end I think we all agree Wrestlemania is the show of shows.
    1.Wrestlemania 8
    2.Wrestlemania X-7
    3.Wrestlemania 21
    4.Wrestlemania 19
    5.Wrestlemania 26
    6.Wrestlemania 7
    7.Wrestlemania 9
    8.Wrestlemania 4
    9.Wrestlemania 27
    10.Wrestlemania 6

  • Because having a big crazy bald guy as your politician fits the Libertarian movement perfectly.