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Kane reveals reason Stephanie McMahon gave about why WWE stars are not called ‘wrestlers’


The mayor of Knox County, Kane was a guest on the FOX News Rundown and discussed why WWE doesn’t refer to their talent as ‘wrestlers.’

He recalls Stephanie McMahon explaining the reason, stating that WWE stars do more than just wrestling and they are involved with the media, making them more than just a wrestler.

“I remember Stephanie McMahon once saying there’s a reason why we’re not called wrestlers. We’re called superstars, because there’s so much more that we do,” said Jacobs. “Even within our WWE careers, all the things that we’re asked to do. Our promotion, dealing with the media, all of that stuff is more than just a guy or gal in the ring for 10 minutes a night and put on a show.”

It is true that WWE stars do a lot more than just wrestle. But do you think there is a need to not refer to them as ‘wrestlers’? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the podcast by clicking here. H/T to WrestlingInc. for the transcript.

  • Soulshroude

    You can’t give me that B.S. Steph. Hogan was still a wrestler in HIS generation, the name may change, the moniker may change but their still WRESTLERS!

  • Darrin Tyler

    They are wrestlers and its all they do. They got no life. They’re on the road most if the year…

  • Rinn13

    But they’re wrestlers though. The product is based around wrestlers, and wrestling. Everything else is just garnish.