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Kane Talks About Longevity of His Career, Being in India, and More

The Times of India recently spoke with Kane last week while doing promotional work for WWE. Here are some highlights.

The longevity of his career: “What we do is athletic, basically. There were the days when the guys were huge and bulky and with bellies, but now we have to be in good shape. We have to have pretty good endurance. I’ve been pretty fortunate as far injuries are concerned. I’ve had minor injuries… Torn a bicep, broken a hand… It’s the worst for some people who get the nagging injuries, but I’ve taken good care of myself.”

How he differs from his character in real life: “Kane is everything I’m not. But also, I think that what has always drawn people to Kane is that he has an emotional depth. The presentation is awesome, he’s a great character. All the things he says, people always see that there’s something behind that and that’s what they relate to. I’m pretty much the opposite. I’m not Kane for sure.”

Being in India: “I’ve been to India before. This isn’t my first time and I love everything about this place… The culture, the food, everything is absolutely great. The people are vibrant and the culture is so colourful. Unfortunately, my schedule is pretty tight this time, but I’ve been fortunate to have the chance to see the Taj Mahal five years ago. We don’t really get the chance to see such great places when we travel. I love spicy Indian food, not the bland version. I can take it. Seriously, I eat everything. I follow a diet, basically protein high and carbs really low. Sometimes I cheat, but as long as you’re getting what you need…”

  • Warriors Armpit

    What swith all these lines in the letters….

  • Big Black Clock

    I still think he should of won the royal rumble in 01 then the title at mania

  • Tombstone

    @yofits ofcourse india is a shit hole, otherwise why would all these paki dakis and indians keep invading other countries?! bud ding ding im a paki called raja singh

  • scooter

    Kane is nothing like his persona. How can I know whats real anymore :'(

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Kane…One of the very few true professionals left in WWE.

  • xXx

    just like you yofits

  • Angry Benny

    I think the whole Anger management bit was hilarious with him talking about his past, burning people, capturing and torturing, an obsession with tombstoning Pete Rose, then I actually went on youtube and looked up his old matches, he’s been through so much, put so many people over and never really had the title, good worker and pretty funny on the mic when he gets the chance, remember the Hogan skit where he said what you gonna do when hulkamania and the Kaneinnites and gonna run all over you!!! hilarious

  • haz

    Kane and xpac were awesome. kane had such a good charactrt in 97 to 2001

  • moo

    Kane was my favourite wrestler as a kid, very bad ass back in the day, I actually think he is equal to the Undertaker if not better, but he was just put in so many stupid ass angles that people forget how good he is.

  • Apacaveli

    Come On Kane Get The World Heavyweight Championship From The Great White Sheamus.I Wanna See A World Title Run With Kane On Smackdown…..

  • The first time i seen that nigga the a real interview.