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Kane Talks His WWE Future, Teaming with Bryan and More spoke with one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Kane to promote tonight’s Supershow in Knoxville, Tennessee. Here are some highlights:

His WWE future:
“I have a few more years to go. I really don’t have a specific game plan in mind. I’m still having fun. I’m still having a good time. As long as I can keep getting in the ring, I want to keep it up.”

Teaming with Daniel Bryan:
“We’re a tag team that really doesn’t work that well together. The (verbal jabs) in between us are quite entertaining. It’s a bit more lighthearted than I usually have (in a storyline). It’s fun to do and different than what I have done in the past.”

Keeping his character fresh:
“I’ve been doing this for a while, and people have come to respect that. I am also the last of my generation who works (in the ring) pretty much full time. I am always surprising people in doing things they didn’t think I could. I like being able to still do that after all these years.”

Kane also revealed that he has become more and more involved in WWE’s creative process.

  • Jay hawk

    Kane has been the most true wwe star he doesn’t complain puts people over and can put on a great match any given night. He has been paired with allot of stars for tag team run and Bryan has been the best so far need to taker or x pac

  • DiamondSkye

    He’s right. He is one of the last of his generation that still performs full time. Thank you Kane. I appreciate you.

  • J-Dogg

    Maybe Kane will pull a badd ass side like his stage brother Undertaker did? Or how JBL used to be as Bradshaw.

  • N

    There are superstars in the history who don’t need something big, like main-eventing Wrestlemania, or winning a Royal Rumble, to cement their legacy. And Kane is one of these. For more info, you can ask Piper or Honky-Tonk Man, or William Regal, or Jerry Lawler.

  • TheSheepDog

    @Luckysalt, in general or this year?

  • luckysalt

    Kane will never win a rumble.

    Wonder if it was his idea to change to a silly character away from his monster gimmick

  • Wellsy

    This is a man that deserves a main event at WrestleMania, and certainly deserves a Royal Rumble win to cement his legacy. Most dominant man in a Rumble, yet no wins.

  • TheSheepDog

    Glen Jacobs is a man i wholeheartedly respect! model professional, could have bitched, moaned and whined when he was jobbing, but stayed and rode through it. I still believe we have not seen Kane at his most lethal yet, but lets just enjoy this Hell No thing.