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Kane on if the Undertaker will wrestle again


We noted before how a recent report suggested the Undertaker could return for one more match against John Cena at WrestleMania or Survivor Series.

This report has reignited the debate among fans on whether or not the Dead Man will return to WWE, and recently his long time partner Kane commented on it.

During his recent appearance on The Ross Report podcast, Kane was asked what he believes about Taker wrestling again and the Big Red Monster said that his on screen brother deserves to do what he wants:

“He deserves and I think he’ll be able to do what he wants and it’s going to be up to him. And in the end, I think it’ll be, his decision will be the quality of what it is. And certainly, he [has] been one of those guys that when you watch him at WrestleMania, it’s like, ‘golly, does the guy ever age?’ And I think that will ultimately be how he feels he will be able to perform will be the deciding factor.”

Other than this, Kane also talked about the Attitude Era, his favorite Tag Team partner and more.

  • Jason Conlan

    He debuted as the Taker in 1990….Kane the Undertaker to be accurate.

  • CC

    I think you will find Mark was the Undertaker way beyond the mid to late 90s. I really have no idea what you are talking about mate.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Glenn….Are you blind? Mark hasn’t been Undertaker since the mid to late 90s. And Glenn saying “golly” is hilarious…..does he think he’s in the 50s or something?

  • CC

    Kane using the word “golly” just seems wrong on so many levels. ha ha