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Kane on WWE Superstars, Tonight’s WWE Dark Match, MVP News

– MVP recently noted on Twitter that he is not booked for shows in Mexico this July for the Perros del Mal promotion. MVP added that he will be in Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling next month.

– The dark match before tonight’s WWE NXT tapings saw Johnny Curtis defeat Michael McGillicutty.

– Matches taped tonight before the SmackDown tapings for Thursday’s WWE Superstars were Yoshi Tatsu vs. Chavo Guerrero and Kane vs. Tyson Kidd. If you’re wondering, Kidd does have a new manager this week.

  • Kurt

    Kane is one of those few neutral wrestlers, who wrestles not to be in the spotlight but wrestles cause he has the passion of getting in the ring and sharing with others even if it means jobbing to people who are still new to the wwe ring.

    Thats a real wrestler, who never complains or trys to keep the spotlight for himself as he is truthful to himself and always has in the mind to give something back to others even if it means losing to mid carders or low carders.

    Ive always have admired glenn jacobs as he is very humble person and has done alot for wrestling more than we know,

    what amazes me is he doesn’t pretend really anything from it, as many wrestlers end up doing after they win the wwe belt, they build a huge egotrip but glen jacobs prevented it by pretending nothing in return and always enjoying the less which has given him alot in his life and thats freedom in the way how he lives.

  • John

    Regardless he was a main event star during wrestling’s biggest boom. But looking at him today you’d never know it.

  • venom


    Yea, I agree with you. The Undertaker made Kane look good. I wouldn’t say Kane is jobbing but definately shouldn’t be on Superstars.

  • John

    Why is Kane wrestling on Superstars? I was hoping after he won the title last year and had a suprisingly lengthy reign that WWE was finally gonna make him a monster of him as a monster again rather than an upper mid-carder. But naturally as soon as he lost the belt he went right back to jobbing.