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Kelly Kelly Not Committed To Returning Full-Time, Best Of “The Highlight Reel”

– Though it would appear that Kelly Kelly is back full-time with WWE following her appearance on Raw, as of a few days ago, she had not committed to a road schedule. She is only committed to working for the next two or three weeks and as an ambassador afterward.

– Promoting Dolph Ziggler’s appearance this Friday night on “The Highlight Reel” on SmackDown has posted a playlist of the best moments in the history of Chris Jericho’s talk show, including guest appearances by Shawn Michaels, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Goldberg among others.

– The July 27 Raw live event in Jacksonville, Florida drew 6,500 paying $220,000. The July 28 Raw live event in Albany, Georgia drew 3,800 paying $110,000. The July 29 Raw live event in Dothan, Alabama drew a sellout crowd in a 2,500-seat set-up.

– In DVR viewership for Raw, the July 9 show drew 291,000 and while the July 16 show had 307,000.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • poko

    ohh look who it aint, hater again calling out people with childish remarks, think he seems to want a three way with SYM and me, hater should be renamed hated, would be better description.


    @ poko, The Rock can still go in the ring and Kelly Kelly has never been able to go at all. So Your a Jackass!


    SYM You are an IDIOT! As for Kelly Kelly I dont know why she came back cause she is the worst Diva out there and who really missed her

  • SYM

    Compared to the “Great” Dead man, who is only capable of wrestling once a year. Broken old man.

  • poko

    so its wrong to let kelly win if she isnt full time, but its perfectly fine for the rock to do it??? wow this site has more morons than anything

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^^^^ Me thinks both of you whiners may just be a couple of diva’s.

  • KingAlbert

    WWE are so retarded let her win for a couple weeks and she will disappear. Just hurting the other Divas.

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers

    I’m baffled by this whole Kelly saga if it’s true. She just came back and won the only divas match in a few weeks, they are pushing her again and she’s not committed full time.

    That was stupid booking if this report is true. Personally I don’t mind because she’s bad in the ring, on the mic, has that stupid smile on her face all the time and has no credibility in my eyes. Give the other divas some TV time.