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Kelly Kelly Interview: People Saying WWE is Fake, Being All Natural, More

– features a new tongue-in-cheek interview with WWE Diva Kelly Kelly to promote the upcoming show there. The interviewer noted that she learned to refer to WWE as “sports entertainment” and not “wrestling”, and that their performers are “Divas” and “Superstars”, not wrestlers. Here are the highlights:

WWE officials keeping up on her appearance:
“Every week one of my bosses comes up to me and goes, “Lemme see your nails.” He gets so mad if they’re not done! Every week I have to be on it. If I break one, I have to get it fixed. But I keep ’em short and I keep ’em real natural, so usually they don’t break. It’s usually me biting ’em off.”

People saying WWE is fake:
“I just wanna punch people in the face when they say something like that. . . . Luckily, I haven’t been severely injured, but I’ve . . . broken ribs and stuff. It’s not as glamorous as it looks. Still, I love comin’ to work every week.”

Being all natural:
“Oh, it is. I’m not ashamed of it. It’s all real. I love getting that question because I’m like, “Yes they are and I’m so proud.””

The interviewer then asked Kelly Kelly if other Divas worry about their breast implants exploding in the ring. Kelly didn’t get to answer as the WWE handler who was overseeing the interview ended it abruptly.

  • slim

    I don’t expect you John Cena fans to know what i’m talking about. You weren’t born yet.

  • slim

    Anyone remember that seinfeld episode…”their real and their spectacular”

  • dlb

    wonder if they are gonna let kong do her implant buster lol

  • oxslangshoot

    this isn’t really news

  • me

    i remember when mickies tittie burst, my poor mickie 🙁

  • Soulshroude

    I would have terminated the interview from there as well, it was getting a bit too … candid.

  • breast

    sex makes your breasts grow, maybe she has been having more sex. anyone ever think of that one

  • smokey

    who care’s imo tits r tits….

  • kello s

    Those boobs are fake.. remember when she was on ecw expose.. Well those puppys were small since then the boob job came.. not dissapointing at all though..

  • JAck45

    “practically forced by WWE”
    fuck man… grow up!
    no company would force that
    if ur such a WWE hater, dnt fucking watch the show!
    im sick of all u nay sayers over vince, wwe and all the things they do.
    they are THE business of wrestling
    without them, there would be nothing of its kind.

    So if you don’t like it, then watch something else.

  • Devil_Rising

    “All natural”. Yeah, but is she a natural blonde? And of course she’s “all-natural”, she’s about the only “diva” who doesn’t have a huge chest. I wish all the female wrestlers were “all-natural”, because it’s incredibly lame that they are practically forced by WWE to get boob-jobs. How disgusting and demeaning.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Who cares if her tits are real or fake? What they really need to focus on is how she has no fucking personality. She is one of the few “Divas” who gets regular screen time and opportunities to do promos but she’s so bland.