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Kelly Kelly and Maryse Showing Off Their Booties


Kelly Kelly on the left and Maryse in the centre.

  • G

    why would she pick the US When America has been slaughtering innocent civilians in countless countries for over a decade?

  • Texas Pride

    Dearest CJ, Why Russia? You speak of your President Vladimir Putin being so Great, while He’s slaughtering his own people at this horrific time. come to America Baby! be my Pudding, I’d Love to lick you all over.” We The People”. as we say here in Texas.” Don’t Mess with Texas and our President Barak Obama”.

  • Bill

    Actually Kelly Kelly is the one on the right

  • Henri Kaima

    earthly stuff,leading you nowhere! Repent!!!!

  • ThelmaCHiser

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  • Matt Trovato

    I know this is a late reply but she posted this on her personal social media pages during Memorial Day, and both her and Maryse aren’t with WWE anymore so it’s not like they are posing for a photo shoot. Also the third “booty” in question is Kristin Reed

  • iceman06

    does kelly kelly really strip there

  • AmericanEnglish1

    And cool down as well

  • AmericanEnglish1


  • Jules Seluj

    So did you plan on crediting the source for this picture or nah?

  • Jules Seluj

    Kelly Kelly’s butt should be molded and saved in museums so everybody can see what perfection looks like. Maryse needs to add some weight, you can’t tell where her legs end and her butt begins.

  • Pimpnickulous one

    i think he’s off fapping to bastian booger pics

  • Professor_Tenay

    Gotta let your nuts reset.

  • Professor_Tenay

    S*x sells, that’s why and its not just the wwe who is “objectifying women like this” its the rest of the entertainment industry.

  • jedi

    that is what makes him awesome!!!

  • cowbulls

    Kelly Kelly looks like she needs a traffic light back there. Maryse is way too good for Miz. She is incredibly tight.

  • mtlhitman aka i luv puppies

    So true eitheir this dude is dumb or he is fruity !!!

  • Sam

    Is the person that creates the title fo these articles 12? “Booties”, seriously?

  • Robbie Murphy

    Kelly Kelly on the left and Maryse in the centre.

    And we are just suppose to take your word for a pic that could be anyone

  • D2K

    These women “objectified” themselves by purposefully posing for a picture showing off their rumps.

  • Chad

    Who is the chick on the right?!

  • Matthew Farrell

    Why does WE insist on objectifying women like this?

  • TheFizPop

    well i just fapp’d, no doubt another will ensue later today

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