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Kelly Kelly Responds to Orton, Jim Rome Offers CM Punk Radio Time, NXT

– Stan sent word that there was 21 minutes and 17 seconds of in-ring action on this week’s WWE NXT.

– Jim Rome played CM Punk’s promo from Monday’s RAW on his radio show today and has offered Punk 45 minutes to come on his ESPN Radio show to finish the rant.

– Kelly Kelly wrote the following on Twitter, apparently in response to Randy Orton’s comments about her in a Tuesday radio interview:

“The best way to fight stupidity, is by ignoring it.”

  • erik

    what career? kelly couldn’t wrestle to save her own life. she is skin and bones and is ulgy bony little twig. torrie wilson, trish stratus and even mickie james is better looking than vince bitch.

  • shawn

    like orton said, she was into the big superstars. looks like she needs more than just justin gabriel. and no wonder big show is so damned chipper!

  • Shawn

    It’s as if we didn’t know that Kelly is a whore and sleeps around. Damn, Barbie, do you think we’re all blondes or something?

  • venom

    Kelly Kelly isn’t ignoring it, she is accepting it. Good thing she is keeping her mouth shut because any reply could hurt her career.

  • king of the south

    kelly kelly isr from ugly she is all right for a white girl but ugly hell no. and i hope punk does go on the show u know vince won’t let him say what he really wants too on his show

  • Sammo

    Taking a shit in *IT* that should have said.

  • Sammo

    Kelly Kelly should keep her handbag close by – Orton will be taking a shit in the first chance he gets!

  • ML

    How do we know if that’s a response to Orton? It could be about anything. People get all worked up over anything these days.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    If Punk goes on Jim Rome, he’ll do it after the PPV when his contract is up.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Good to know I’m not alone on the Kelly Kelly subject… Personally I prefer women who aren’t just skin and bones with layer upon layer of caked on makeup. Melina is a prime example of the makeup thing, she wears it so thick that when it is off she is hideous(ie, Ryders video). Guess that makes me gay for not agreeing with the Nazis on this site. Immature brats…

  • John

    Nevermind. I just read it. Old news, I’ve heard stories about Kelly being really “freindly” backstage for years already. And if Orton weren’t limited by this PG crap I really believe his character could be a decent follow-up to Steve Austin. He’s one of the few good things WWE has going for them now, along with CM Punk, John Morrison, and well that’s pretty much it. Dolph Ziggler was finally getting proper treatment on Smackdown but now he’s back to midcarding on Raw. And I haven’t seen enough of Sin Cara to develop an opinion.

  • KitKrock

    Kelly’s Kelly is a plain face ugly bitch.

  • Bill

    Kelly Kelly is very skinny & boney. I’m not saying she’s dead ugly, but he could use a little less… well, boney-ness.

  • CC

    People can say what they like about Kelly Kelly, but Boreton was being a cunt and Kelly knows that it would be career suicide for her to actually defend herself being that Boreton is one of Vinnies pet projects.
    What she has done is taken the high ground here, and good for her.

  • John

    What did Orton say?

  • Stevie P

    Jim Rome isn’t on ESPN Radio. His TV show is on ESPN but not his radio show.

  • JAck45

    still 10 times better than anything u clowns could get.
    actually 100 times better than anything i could get as well 😉

  • CM Mark

    She probably wouldn’t give it up to Orton. ROFL…

  • Eddie E

    KK really she isnt ugly, but def. aint all that either.
    Double chin looks like her eye lashes are to heavy
    for her eye lids. She comes across very dingy
    too. WAY too much spray tan. Im just saying
    But thats IMO

  • Justin

    Between Jim Rome and Bill Simmons, I feel like ESPN’s got some serious ‘Tude Era fans who enjoyed the worked shoot.

  • Assassino

    wooooow Ray you really are gay, so hmm who do you like then Khali? :L

  • F U

    Wrestling-Edge just let me know when it’s going to happen and I will be watching follow me on twitter @AnT0nyoDaBess

  • Josh

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Effmenow. Kelly kelly is probably a fake slut like mostly every other female, But ugly? Not at all.

  • The Killswitch

    Do it Punk. Please do it.

  • wtfbbqsauce

    even maria said that kelly slept around too lolz

  • Effmenow

    Kelly Kelly ugly???????????


  • Ray

    Looks like someone’s guilty. No surprise there. She’s ugly, IMO. Too skinny and has a smashed up dog face.