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Kelly Kelly Upset About Nixed Segment from Raw

As reported earlier, Kelly Kelly was scheduled to make her return to Raw in a segment which was cut from Raw.

New reports are indicating that Kelly Kelly was very upset with being cut from the show. It was also mentioned that she was very reluctant to make the appearance but ultimately decided to agree since WWE had been accommodating her request for a sabbatical to pursue her acting and modeling career.

Kelly Kelly has been absent from WWE television dating back to May of this year.

  • rko

    I don’t mind k2. I just find her intro music irritating.

  • Angry Benny

    I would sit on my ass and get paid, What? we missed the 1000th episode and didn’t have KELLY KELLY? really? It wasn’t like we would be talking about it the next day like: OH MY GOD!!! KELLY KELLY IS BACK GUYS!!! Look out Divas, the main bitch is back!! rofl

  • scooter

    Acting? seriously?

  • Ray

    And Jim.. if I were getting the paid the money she is? I’d do it gladly.

  • Ray

    I don’t really think anyone misses her. We’ve got the Glamazon and that’s all we need.

  • Jim

    So many WWE fanboys get all defensive everytime they screw up, its ridiculous WWE aren’t angels. Why call someone in if you’re not going to use them?

    How many of you would come into work for one day when you’re on your vacation only to be told to just sit in the staff room.

  • pulgeezy

    will she go the bella twins route? Read next weeks article from marc middleton to find out.

  • CC

    Before people start bagging on Kelly for being upset, re-read the article. Its obviously not a fact as it then says other reports say she didnt want to appear anyway.
    Once again it shows that sources in WWE arent worth a shit seeing as there are two opposing stories coming out of these so called sources.

  • Tombstone

    So many people on here want to hate on Kelly because they know they can never get a woman that hot.

  • Albert

    Id be upset too if i was asked to fly in and not get used… just saying its a waste of time

  • IWCAgent

    LoL Kelly Kelly was upset. We weren’t.

  • J

    Aw Kelly Kelly all upset, boo freaking hoo! I enjoyed Stephanie slapping the hell outta Heyman WAY more than I would have if her boring ass had taken up any of that precious Raw TV time. Job well done WWE brass.

  • moo

    Kelly Kelly was just a boring barbie doll, never understood her appeal, ok yes she has a great body but that doesn’t make a great sex symbol. Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Lita and even A.J have much for personality and charisma witch makes them way hotter.

  • yofits

    Kelly ‘plain face’ kelly should fuck off already.

  • Seth

    Yawn. I didn’t miss her and I won’t.