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Kelly Kelly’s Relationship Mentioned On National TV, David Hart Smith On Twitter

— During Saturday’s broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada, program host Don Cherry stated Dallas Stars defenceman Sheldon Souray is dating Kelly Kelly. Photos of the WWE Diva, who he called a “Grand Slam winner in wrestling,” were then shown.

Footage of the announcement is available here (beginning at the seven minute mark).

— Former WWE talent Harry Smith (a/k/a David Hart Smith) is on Twitter at He is presently training for mixed martial arts and continues to compete for the Inoki Genome Federation in Japan.

— “The American Angel” Sara Del Rey turns 31 years old Sunday.

  • Wateva

    No actually were not getting them them confused at all bcuz according to randy orton kelly has dated like 10 guys in the WWE!!

  • scsa852k

    Regardless of her lack of talent in the ring,
    she’s hot and there should be hundreds of guys trying hard to bone her everyday.

    She has to bang someone.

  • matt

    she has the right to date and sleep with whoever she wants. This is none of your business and you probably do the same. Freaking sexist double standarts.

  • John Cheesa

    Wow…Kelly certainly has no standards. That’s surprising.

  • ironcross

    Kelly kelly has slept with about 230 guys not 23 guys

  • JIR

    Don’t think Kelly Kelly is a hoe she probably just likes to date new guys.

  • ironcross

    Whore, i hope they use two condoms, whore…

  • Seth

    They said she’s a grand slam winner? I think they meant she’s been slammed by at least one grand winners.

  • numero uno

    i think the toronto maple leafs are pounding it as a team…..thats why they are winning this year…lmao…
    whatever works!!!!!

  • Effmenow

    I said 23 different guys.

    Who know how many times those guys hit it each. I know Test pounded that shit every chance he got. RIP Test.

  • MrDr3w

    She’s 24 now, so 23 guys in eight years. That’s three guys a year. One guy every 121 days, or every four months. That’s nothing nowadays.

  • Dave

    Lucky Bastards. I would.

  • Effmenow

    Kelly Kelly has had sex with 23 different guys since she was 16.

  • MrDr3w

    I think you guys are getting Kelly confused with Melina. Kelly has only had two boyfriends in the WWE, and one of them is dead.

  • venom

    Kelly Kelly is now bouncing around a different locker room.

  • Effmenow

    Man Kelly Kelly gets around. She must be as loose as Yokozuna’s waist band by now.