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Kelly’s WWE Status, Cameron Reportedly Sent Home, Barrett

– Word is that WWE Diva Cameron was sent home from WWE’s Australian tour that wrapped yesterday. She worked Thursday’s live event in Brisbane before word really got out about her arrest. She did not work Friday’s show in Sydney or Saturday’s show in Melbourne.

– Kelly Kelly is reportedly back on good terms with WWE but has not signed a contract extension.

– Wade Barrett was advertised to face Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus at last night’s SmackDown live event in Des Moines, Iowa but the main event turned out to be a 2/3 Falls Match between Sheamus and Del Rio. Barrett was pulled from the main event and put with Tyson Kidd, who he defeated.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Jimbotron

    @Rocky sucks

    I didn’t say anything about Sheamus sucking, fucktwit.

    I commented on the fact that Sheamus vs Del Rio is old and boring at this point. Individually they are both gifted wrestlers.

    Fuckin moron, go jump off a cliff and make the world a better place without your retarded comments, asspirate.

  • James

    Kelly Kelly you are not relevant. More people talk about Maria then her

  • Tombstone

    @Supercena < Divorce Papers
    Unless you are posting with several people helping you then the correct way to state your point would be "I" not "we". I for one would love to be looking at the sexy Kelly once again. No I do not want to see her as Divas champ but would still love to see her in the ring.

  • Rocky sucks

    It’s Del rio that makes the match bad and the rivalry tired of seeing not sheamus do shut your dam mouths and get your facts straight

  • Jimbo

    Oh boy, as if people hadn’t seen enough Sheamus/Del Rio they put those poor folks in Des Moines through a 2 out of 3 falls match. Ouch.

  • Hank

    Oh boy, that’s not a good indication for Barrett’s return. Just as I feared…

  • Supercena < Divorce Papers

    No, we don’t want Kelly back. If Kelly is going to be Champion then the division needs to be buried.

    Cameron is going to be future endeavored it’s just a matter of time.