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Ken Shamrock Says HHH’s Huge Ego Should Stop Him From Running WWE

– Former WWE and UFC star Ken Shamrock was a guest on The Shoot this weekend for a 30 minute interview which can listen to at this link, beginning at the 1 hour mark. Here are some highlights:

Triple H’s ego and him possibly running WWE someday:
“Here’s a guy that has a huge ego. He has a hard time with putting anybody over and let alone outside the business when someone like Brock Lesnar would have to hurt him. His ego wouldn’t let him walk around in a sling. He wants people to know it’s entertainment unless he’s the one doing it then he wants you to walk around in a leg cast. This is what i see the problem is and I’ve been pretty critical about it. You’ve got somebody in that position that’s got too big of an ego to run a company like that. Hunter goes to extreme lengths to look good, to be big and cut and make sure he’s on the cover of the muscle magazine and make sure he’s in fitness things. He’s the guy who’s putting himself in the forefront. For anybody to run a company like the WWE, you can’t be that guy. You’ve got too much talent out there for you to put yourself out there in front of them.”

WWE not using UFC to help promote Brock Lesnar when he returned in 2012:
“I could easily tell you what happened. Triple H happened. You go in there, you take a guy with his stature, his tremendous ability, the limited experience he had in the MMA world and yet he still went in and beat a lot of world title guys. He goes in and Hunter has a match with him and knocks him out with one punch. I think it’s pretty clear what happened. There’s a lot of ego involved with guys running the organization. It’s a shame too, i mean i don’t know who’s pulling the strings. I wouldn’t think it’s Vince, maybe it is, maybe he’s changed his mindset. The thing i noticed with Vince was Vince didn’t care when someone came in, it was about ratings. It didn’t matter what the organization looked like because he could always somewhere down the line get the organization to look good from an angle. But to come in there and actually have him (Lesnar) destroy people from the MMA world. I think that Vince, his mind thought is yeah i mean come on i control this guy. I could have him come in here and crush 20 guys in a row, build up for a big PPV match then have John Cena or The Rock or The Undertaker or somebody come in and have this big payday and have them beat Brock Lesnar and now you’re back on top again. It didn’t make sense for you not to tuck your ego away for a while and build this guy so it was that. You have control over the final story line. You have the pencil in your hand, so you can write the ending to this story however you want.”

  • Ray Myer

    Triple H often attends UFC and boxing events. I’m baffled. What I’ve found strange is the dozens of people that were let go or quit always seem to say the same thing about Triple H. Are they all bitter, too?

  • Keith Learmonth

    On top of that, his whole point sounds more like “Triple H doesn’t respect UFC, so he’s not fit to run WWE”, when, in that past, WWE has reached out to do cross promotions with UFC, and been shut down by Dana white… so why would HHH respect them?

  • Keith Learmonth

    If I can offer a reply, it’s simple, really.

    Vince’s ego is ten times the ego that Triple H has.

    Vince has done okay for himself, and WWE, in spite of that.

    He’s in there saying things like, “Triple H wants to look good, and wants to be on muscle and fitness magazine, so he can’t run the company”. Vince has done all of that.

    Based on that alone, Shamrock’s argument starts to sink.

    He then goes on to demonstrate an extremely limited knowledge of the current product, saying “Triple H beat Brock with one punch”, giving away that he’s pretty much listened to someone bitching about how Brock’s been booked, and decided to just have a rant without doing any research.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Whenever a former WWE talent speaks out against Vince, HHH or WWE as a whole, people use tired old arguments like “he’s just bitter” or “he’s jealous” or the ever famous “he’s washed up”. Have these people considered that maybe these former talents have a legit opinion based on what they experienced? You’ve never been backstage, so you don’t know how Vince, HHH etc. act backstage. Many former wrestlers have spoken out against various WWE guys, so maybe there is truth to what they’re complaining about.

  • braidy

    sounds like an angry little man with a personal grudge to me, alot more respected WWE/F superstars than shamrock have done nothing but sing HHHs praises as of late

  • Timothy Davis

    He didnt sell the injury in public appearances getting photos and things not in the sling.

  • Ray Myer

    I’m trying to figure out how you people think Ken Shamrock is ‘bitter’? Why is someone having an opinion or maybe even knowing something you don’t considered being ‘bitter’?

  • shawn

    Shamrock is just bitter !

  • Kristian

    So wait, his ego wouldn’t let him walk around in a sling, yet isn’t that exactly how he sold his “broken arm” from Lesnar?

    Ken Shamrock, you bitter bitter boy.