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Ken Shamrock Says UFC Didn’t Treat Brock Lesnar Right (Video Included)

– Ken Shamrock recently commented on Brock Lesnar’s stint in UFC and how the company misued him…

On Brock Being Beaten Mentally: I think Brock mentally got beat, but I always thought that they didn’t treat Brock right either. I thought they threw him in too soon. He’s fighting guys that had 20 fights in his second fight because he’s so massive and so impressive. It wasn’t fair to him. If he would have got groomed properly, he could’ve been the best fight in any weight class, best pound-for-pound ever.

On Brock’s Diverticulitis: I’m not sure that [the diverticulitis] is everything. I know that’s a big part of it, but what if he was training properly? Would that have even been a factor? I don’t even know. I’m just saying this guy had an opportunity to be great, and I just saw him mentally get dwindled down because he was thrown right into that.


  • Pewp

    If the Carwin fight were a non-title fight, I could see a case for stoppage, however in a title fight, the champion deserves to be decisively finished beyond a doubt. Looks are very deceptive.

    Brock was in turtle position, and Carwin was bouncing punches off his shoulders and arms. I imagine that hurt like heck, I sure wouldn’t want to receive it.

    I will retrospectively agree that Brock had no true passion for WWE, but consider the sacrifices he made, especially during the Angle feud. He sacrificed at least as much in his time there as Bret Hart.

    As for his MMA career, Brock could have debuted against a debuting Cain Velasquez or Shane Carwin. He could have started lower on the card with Ben Rothwell or James Thompson and worked his way up. However, after running just 2-3 of them over, he would have been accused of “padding” his record.

    He was obviously way above the league of Gabriel Gonzaga just not quite in the league of Fedor. No guilt in that. I wish Brock had respected his opponents more. He behaved like an arse in his interviews with anti-gay statements.

    I believe Brock thought Cain was a pillowfisted can that was being fed to him by Uncle Dana. I also believe that his medical illness is more serious than he let on, and tried to work through it. The only way for him to have beaten Cain would have been to keep him clinched against the cage while dirty boxing. Maybe could have caught him with a big bunch.

    When I look at the list of those who beat Brock, all 3 are former champions, 2 former UFC champions. I guess you can’t get upset that you lost a round of Chess when you played against Bobby Fischer, right?

    Overall, I agree with you and wish Brock would have kept interest after his illness. After the Carwin fight, he knew he wasn’t invincible and I think he gave up on himself and had a mental civil war about that.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree. BUT, IMO the ref should have called the Carwin fight, he was in the fetal position for awhile herrings hammer fisted and I think it was long enough to wear the fight was over. My biggest problem with Brock’s mma career was simply due to his wwe career, he has absolutely no love for either sport and was just all hype. I mean the guy lost and then got a title shot. He also had no strategy when fighting, he just tried to constantly bull rush everybody and that killed him. If he had taken his time with Cain he probably would have lasted alittle longer or been able to hold him on the ground. The guy just has no respect for anyone or anything and like Rogen said when overeem lost to Bigfoot, you have to respect the guy your fighting or you will loose 9/10 times. But I see and agree with your point.

  • Pewp

    There are millions of words in medical dictionaries and encyclopedias that aren’t in Webster.

  • Pewp

    Correct. I would hardly call the Mir 1 match a real “win” for Mir. For what its worth, Mir weathered a hurricane and came out alive.

    Yes, Frank won their first bout, however he didn’t beat Brock in a way that “Brock Lost” because of it. There are indeed fights in MMA where the “Loser” comes out winning, and such was the case with his debut.

  • Nick McGinniskin

    Just a correction, he lost to Mir in his UFC debut and then beat him later at UFC 100.

    Edit: Re reading your post, I assume you mean demolished him but didn’t win?

  • Pewp

    He “lost” a fight where he dominated his opponent, the former champion. Bluntly, it was a fluke that Mir pulled the win. Afterward, he destroyed Heath Herring, who was on a roll.

    After defeating Randy, things got worse. Carwin vs Lesnar was booked, then Carwin got a knee injury and Lesnar went to the hospital with his illness. Carwin KO’d mir when he came back to get number 1 contender, then Carwin vs Brock was booked again.

    Brock, despite a very serious illness (google up athletes with this illness, they don’t perform well or last long) was able to withstand and defend himself against a beating from Carwin that saw Brock do what everyone asked if he could do: could Brock come back from a beating? He did.

    Brock was even doing well against Cain. He hit him about 4 times and almost gassed him out on the cage. Look at cain’s face after that, just 2 or 3 more of those punches would have KO’d him. Brock lost because of a few shots to the midsection, a kick and a knee. After these shots, brock flew across the cage and got finished the way a real champion gets finished; in a highlight reel.

    At this point, Brock could have used the illness as a premise to duck Carwin and retire as champ (which everyone would have accepted) OR continue fighting. He chose to fight Cain, and afterward, he could have blamed the disease and retired. Everyone would have accepted that. Instead, he fought Overeem, one of the most dangerous fighters.

    Brock had a stunning career with up’s and down’s, and all of his fights were entertaining. He lost the same way he won; explosively. He was tough enough to eat a beating.

    Many fighters go from fighting to getting KO’d, and Brock was criticized for his amusing pre-KO positioning and fumbling. Admit it; it made the fight amusing, it didn’t impact the outcome (he had already lost) and it “put the other fighter over” big time. I say that Brock’s pre-KO freakouts were part of his finer qualities, but I digress.

  • Pewp

    Brock was thrown to the wolves because he wanted to be. Brock didn’t want to debut against a lower ranked guy, and build a record of 8-1 on his way to the belt.

    Brock had a good run in the UFC. He demolished Frank Mir in his debut, ran over Heath Herring who was on a roll. With no real MMA background. He had a good KO over Randy, and demolished Mir again. Brock survived a savage beating from Carwin, intelligently defending himself against a beatdown that no champion has received before or since.

    Brock knew before the Carwin fight about the sickness, and fought with it against one of the best brawlers. Brock could have retired with the belt to his illness, and everyone would have accepted it. Instead, he continued to fight Cain Velasquez and Alistar Overeem. Look at pictures of Overeem and Cain after their fights, Brock ONLY hit them 2-3 times with wimpy punches and bruised them up bad.

    If Lesnar had just thrown and landed 3-5 more punches against either one, especially in a combination, it would have been lights out.

  • They released him because he lost 4 fights in a row and is old as hell lol

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    New word for Webster: Diverticulitis!!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    He makes a great point. Even with his fight against Carwin, which IMO he lost, he got schooled and with every fight he showed that he wasn’t ready for this “main event” status yet. Brock showed he had speed, agility and had a mean punch but it seemed after he got hit once then all his training went out the window and he tried to just go off of his size. I thought it was hilarious how he lost a fight then his next fight was for the title, that was definitely a sign that he wasn’t ready.

  • millerj265

    Ken would know a thing or two about being treated wrong by the ufc (just read about how they realesed him after he just helped make them tons of money)