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Kenn Doane Alleges John Cena Had An Affair With A Married WWE Diva

Kenn Doane, who appeared as Kenny of the Spirit Squad and Kenny Dykstra for WWE from 2006 to 2008, blames an affair between John Cena and Mickie James for ruining his relationship with the former Diva and costing him his job. Doane reveals that Cena was having a second affair with a then-WWE Diva who was married to a man not involved with the professional wrestling industry.

Doane says he discovered James had been cheating on him with the Cenation leader when he caught her searching online rumors of her act of infidelity with the query “Mickie James dating John Cena.”

“Upon confronting her about it, “She stared at [the computer] for like legit two minutes and I’m looking at her like “Did you forget how to read? Say something, WTF.” She got up and ran into the other room crying saying she was sorry and she felt bad and admitted to it.”

While recalling the matter, Doane says Cena was having an affair with a second WWE Diva.

“I don’t have John’s number so I call his diva ‘road’ girlfriend. I ask her if she knows anything about it and she says she had a feeling because John recently dumped her and she is over him now,” Doane says.

Cena’s sexual escapades were not solely limited to WWE Divas as he was simultaneously involved with ‘ring rats’. Doane details, “Got one diva who is married to a guy outside of the business but she sleeps with Cena, then we got Cena who sleeps with rats (groupies, girls not in the biz, girls in the lobby waiting for an invite upstairs) and this married diva, and now my girlfriend.”

Following weeks of inactivity stemming from the affair, Doane was transferred to the SmackDown brand on June 17, 2007, as part of the WWE Supplemental Draft. Doane reveals that the married Diva was transferred from Raw to SmackDown as well after being dumped by Cena.

“Following weeks I’m off TV and off the road until I get sent to SmackDown. Ironically, John’s former Diva got sent too,” Doane recalls. “So now we’re on complete separate schedules and when there is a joint pay-per-view I’m off the road that day too and get flown in on a Monday for a Tuesday Smackdown. Yeah complete B.S. I get jobbed out then they take me off the road more and fire me.”

Two WWE Divas transferred from Raw to SmackDown in the 2007 WWE Supplemental Draft—and the entire year—Torrie Wilson and Victoria. Wilson was in the process of divorcing Billy Kidman. Victoria has been married to a man not affiliated with the professional wrestling industry since 1998, matching Doane’s claim.

On November 10, 2008, WWE announced Doane had been released from his contract. While discussing his termination with John Laurinaitis, he was informed that his decision to speak publicly on Cena and James’ affair will determine whether WWE offers him employment again in the future.

“When Johnny Ace called me to fire me I asked him if this is why I’m getting fired,” Doane recalls. “He told me we don’t have anything for you and depending on whether you choose to discuss this issue will determine on if your allowed to come back in the future.”

Doane ultimately concludes that he wants to be open and honest.

“Going forward I have no reason but to speak the truth and to make all this up would be absolutely insane. I’m not saying you have to believe anything I say but that is the truth,” he says. “WWE portrays Cena as this big hero and savior to all of us but truth be told that is a character he plays much like me as a cheerleader. When watching wrestling, know you’re watching a show and not real life situations or scenarios. We are basically live comic books brought to life and make short action movies for you to enjoy.”

The full interview is available here.

  • Shawn

    John Cena could be the best heel in the history of WWE. And that’s just looking at what kind of person he is outside of the ring!

  • The Irish Bulldog

    Geez Kenny shut up…seriously bro you are dating a chick from my high school man. You should be happy in what you have right now. shut up bruh!!

  • rko

    My money is on Candice Michelle.

  • jeff

    When you guys read what Johnny ace is saying. Do you ppl hear his voice inside your head? Lol

  • Eve’s left nipple

    At first i thought fair enough, He was a talented wrestler with a ton of potential so why not get it off your chest. But now after like the 3rd or 4th statement he has made about Cena its a bit over the top. It makes me wonder, His he only doing this because Cena is going through a rough patch with this divorce and hes bitter.

  • Jerk Factor

    I reckon Cena was banging Torrie Wilson, when he says the husband was ‘outside of the business’ he may have meant literally that Kidman was outside of the WWE business, he was released in 2005. In that case Cena gets respect from me for banging Torrie the hottest diva ever, I wanna join his chain gang entourage! Thumb me down bitches woo woo woo you know shit!

  • Logan

    All this cheating stuff is messed up (if it’s actually true). I’m not a fan of cheating, but this dude just needs to let it go. It’s turning out to be some “high school” bullshit.

  • straight-edge

    lets see. use to be a cheerleader, clearly crazy about john cena, and loves to gossip. dude are you sure u have a set of balls cause you sound like a lady.

  • Splash

    @Randy, I never once said it was ok to cheat, I just understand that after all the temptations of girls throwing themselves at him he stumbled. I’m not condoning it at all I just understand he caved. As a comparible if the girls start coming forward that Cena did mess around with as in the Tiger Woods scenario then that’s fine, but Doane shouldn’t be opening his mouth and spewing off if he wasn’t around Cena 24/7 to tell the 100% accurate truth. He might be telling the truth and he could be exagerating a situation since he clearly still has hard feelings, either way it’s not his mess to be getting into the middle of.

  • Randy

    @Splash, your mind is corrupt if you can’t get over temptations. I’d hate to be the girl that ends up with you.

  • John Laurenitis’ Voice

    I think he’s reached his breaking point. I understand why he feels crushed and like this mans ruined his life but once is enough, although this is from the same interview that was mentioned before. This guy really has nothing to loose, he doesn’t work with WWE anymore and as it looks he doesn’t want to go back. Sure he’s burning bridges but they’re bridges he doesn’t look at as needing anymore. I think he’s telling the truth. As I said before this is no different then finding out that your favorite actor or musician/artist is an egotistic jerk in real life outside their portrayed media. Cena-kiddies need to sit this one out or realize that thats the way fame works for some people. Look at Gene Simmons, Arthur Suydan, or even Michael Jordan, allw which Ive personally met whose $$$ and self-richousness before fans

  • greatest one

    In future interviews, Kenny will tell us cena’s best friends with tiger woods.. Then this wouldn’t come as a suprise

  • Wellsy

    Maybe this is gonna be Cena’s heel gimmick… a male chauvinist!

  • Mr. X

    Doane’s really proving what a class-act he is. Way to kick a man when he’s down. Where were all these comments a few years ago?

    It’s funny because I’ve never heard anything but good things about John Cena and how professional he is. Doane on the other hand had a reputation for being a huge pr**k with an undeserved sense of entitlement. He thought just because he was 20 and on the roster that he was the next Rock. Now some 5-6 years later he’s doing jacks**t and it’s easier to blame someone else for his failures than to look at himself. Doane at his peak was never over and if he though John Cena stopped what was gonna be a hall of fame career than he’s as stupid as he is bitter.

  • Eddy

    This isn’t new it from the same article W-E only gave us half of it.
    So its not evert other day hes saying something to shit on Cena. If u guys would jave clicked on the link the first time this was reported u would know.
    WAAAAA poor CeNation marks!!!!
    Get over it Cena is not that super anymore, geez how dare someone talk bad about Cena, only the IWC can doit not some dude that got his future wife taken from him.

  • Splash

    Living on the road 300 days a year would be extremely difficult and I’m sure like any grown man it would be tough to say no year after year of being tempted. Not hating on Cena just saying if it happened I could see why, but Doane should shut his mouth unless he was taking it too.

  • SYM

    This Shit was already reported. Its a Week old, so don’t drop ur Balls because Pinhead Pena re-reports something.

  • Crocop

    It seems plausible. Like any other working environment, these things happen. However it’s handled is up to them. He should really move on though, even if he is at place where he’s comfortable talking about it, it can’t be healthy to keep bringing it up.

  • sandman

    Sad part is kenny is telling the truth, more negative information on cena is coming out. Everybody thought jose conseco was lying in his book, but was found to be true.

  • JIR

    if people have affairs and screw up others relationships thats on them in that position I would like to know asap be pissed for and move on carrying stuff like that is unhealthy

  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point In Tryin

    Well Victoria and Mickie James did have a beef when they started working in TNA together…

  • Allen

    Wait…why would he start dating a diva who was cheating on her husband with Cena???Make any sense?? No!

  • JohnCena33


  • CC

    More shit from Doane. He seriously needs to shut the fuck up. This could have ramifications for other people as well.

  • Tina

    The more he opens his mouth about this whole situation, the more he sounds like he’s making up shit to get even more people to hate on Cena or, I think he’s trying to get a pay out from Liz in the divorce or get a pay out from John to shut up. Mickie said it herself in an interview that she broke up with Kenny because he was jealous of her success when the spirit squad fell apart. Even then, he’s acting like he was this big shot wrestler. I couldn’t even tell you who was in the spirit squad; hell, I can’t even tell you what their names were, and I watched back then.

    I’m sorry but now he’s trying to claim that John slept with Victoria? Okay, he’s not using her name, but people are stupid on timelines. Seriously dude? Why drag other people into this?

    He’s been out of the business so long, and was such a nobody when he was here, that he probably can’t get any real gigs if any in any wrestling, so what he’s doing is trying to bash John to get on with probably TNA. Thinking if he bashes the WWE’s cash cow, then TNA will want him. It’s really sad when even TNA doesn’t think you’re relevant.

    This guy really needs to shut the hell up. He has no proof of anything. I highly doubt Victoria if she was sleeping with John would tell a nobody like Kenny anything. Once again, he’s playing himself up like he was the big man backstage, and chances are he asked her out, and she said no, and then he saw her probably out to dinner with a bunch of wrestlers. Changes are she was probably sitting beside John talking to him, so Kenny assumed that she must be sleeping with John which is why she didn’t sleep with him.

    Mickie DUMPED you bro. Get the hell over it and move on. Classic case of a guy that had never been dumped before not knowing how to handle it. So he runs his mouth trying to look like the big man again when really everybody knows the truth.

  • bb

    he too much jealouse over john cena famous shit….why not he drop it and forward new life eh idiot kenn

  • mark

    I wish this guy would shut the fuck up.