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Kenn Doane Clarifies Remarks Concerning Tara’s Relationship With John Cena

Kenn Doane clarified remarks he made during an interview where he implicated Lisa Marie Varon (currently known as Tara in TNA Wrestling and formerly known as Victoria in WWE) as being involved in an extramarital affair with John Cena while all three simultaneously worked on the Raw brand. As Varon stated last week during an interview, she dated Cena in 2002 (when both were were single), not 2006 or 2007 (when both were not single) as Doane had implied.

“People keep asking bout the tara deal. Me confused why read my interview and realize the time frame in which I wrote it sounded like she was with [John Cena] then. I know she dated him in [2002] and that’s what I meant to say,” Doane stated on Twitter. “I’ve known tara since I first got to wwe and she wasn’t with him at the time when all my shiz was going down. I should of put more thought into her part of my story. I didn’t cuz didn’t think it needed to be elaborated. Tara never dated [John Cena] when I was there only in 02 which I should of made clear.”

He continued, “Granted nobody should ever think anything negative of tara. Why the fuck do we call her tara? Her name is lisa.”

Doane said that after girlfriend Mickie James admitted to him in 2007 that she was involved in an affair with Cena, he asked who he believed was Cena’s Diva “road” girlfriend at the time if she was aware of the matter (who he then implicated as Varon in the interview). According to Doane, the woman told him she believed the affair to be true after having been ‘recently’ dumped by Cena.

  • Matt

    Kenny has done something revolutionary. There is Vickie heat (the best kind), there is X-Pac heat (the bad kind) and now there is Kenny Dykstra heat, which means nobody fucking likes you because you’re just a true life wormy little fucker who longs to be back on his mothers teet who cries himself to sleep every night because John Cena ruined his life by getting some Mickie Jamies ass. He’s literally such a low life scum bag he has invented a new category of heat. That’s how annoying this whiney little bitch is.

  • scooter

    Even if the Cena things true Kenny had to wait till now? clearly he’s just looking for another 2 out his 15 minutes of fame.

  • sharon

    Kenn Doane u really should keep ur mouth shut and also keep ur nose out of other peoples relationships, no wonder u failed in WWE stickin ur ur nose in other ppls lives, wether John Cena cheated on his wife or he didnt is NONE of ur business so why dnt u concentrate on keepin ur own life on trck and BUTT OUT of everyone elses!! including Tara, mickie james and John Cena! Dnt kno who the hell u think u are u ARSEHOLE!

  • MattyTrapp

    Kenny was better off jumping on trampolines for attention than this BS

  • King Albert

    Lmao, i don’t give a fuck what the dates are, everyone knows cena cheated, on’y the ones holding cena’s dick to piss want to disagree.

  • voice of reason

    like sands through the hour glass so are the days of ken doanne’s life.

    cue the music

  • Knightcon

    Again PROVE he cheated on his WIFE Kenny is living in 2005 when Cena wasn’t married. PROVE he cheated on his wife then I’ll care. I’m not saying he did or didn’t just want someone to show it. Hell even a rummer would be better then Kenny’s BS

  • Bawb


    You following up on Tom and Katie’s divorce as well? Look, I’m not going to lie, I am slightly curious as to what may be going on with Cena. But Doane really has no real place nor reason to be doing this. It isn’t his business, and for him to come out and thank people who thank him for exposing Cena is utterly pathetic. Didn’t this douchebag audition for some sort of reality TV dating show in the past? Guy can’t seem to get work, so he’s just talking shit and trying to make money doing so. And by doing so with that, he’s intruding on someone else’s life with false remarks (Tara’s). Like I said, he should shut the fuck up.

  • JWaller91

    Why do they call her Tara? Why did they call her Victoria in the WWE? People just don’t use their real names that often…

  • SYM

    And this is why @Bawb is nothinb but a spectating hater. However, Kenny should have never said anything about Tara. I’d believe the whole Cena thing regardless.

  • MaNic

    no if Kenny really wants his attention he should go fuck Mrs. Cena.

  • Bawb

    And this is why, Ken, you should just shut the fuck up.

  • Nick

    If Kenn wants Cenas attention just say so, just remember he had a wife, hes doesn’t swing the way you do Kenn.