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Kenn Doane Weighs In On Reported Friction Between John Cena and Alex Riley

Once a promising talent in WWE’s midcard scene, Alex Riley’s role in the company has been greatly curtailed since last year. According to, the Raw Superstar is in the doghouse stemming from a hostile backstage encounter with John Cena.

Cena was reportedly poking fun at Riley in front of their wrestler peers, and in response, the Raw talent angrily reacted to Cena’s “rib”—a violation of the unspoken rules of the WWE locker room. Though Riley’s exact actions are not known at this time, his unfavorable reaction to Vince McMahon’s pride and joy was not considered a good move.

Kenn Doane, who appeared as Kenny of the Spirit Squad and Kenny Dykstra for WWE from 2006 to 2008, weighed in on the matter after claiming last month that Cena’s backstage politics sabotaged his once promising grappling career.

He tweeted, “Cena acts stupid to riley, riley calls him on it, loses push. This must be a lie! Lmao #ibelieve.”

  • voice of reason

    i have to agree with studdog it is normal in any pack situation for the alpha males or females to put a younger specimen through the ringer it happens from the human world to the animal world it is a way to sort out the weak from the powerful.

    anyways i have a new resolution if i ever see a highlighted story that says “ken doane” i’m making it a point not to read it.

  • ShutUpCheerleader

    And how the hell would the cheerleading reject know? Anything that’s happened after his departure in 2008 he knows absolutely nothing about. Although he’ll try to pass it off like he’s got inside knowledge.

    Nobody knows what the ribbing was. Nobody even knows if it was Riley who complained or somebody else that heard them. The real reason probably is the DUI Riley got. He wasn’t a big enough star for the WWE to look past it (right or wrong, we know it happens), and they were already not high on him thinking he was too green in the ring for a push.

    Its very simple, you want the glory, work for it. I can’t stand the slackers (like Doane) that think they were the biggest thing this industry has ever seen. Doane, you were a cheerleader…would you have even made it to the main roster with out that gimmick? Think about that.

  • SYM

    @CC because dumbasses keep asking him on Cena and he responds with his opinion. Simple as that. Your just hating on the guy because hes not a big name and hes speaking his mind.

  • CC

    Doane is a bitter prick who has a beef with Cena for whatever reason. I dont really care if its true or not what he says, all I know is by constantly making bitchy comments and mouthing off all the time trying to smear Cena, he is only making himself look like an absolute tool.
    Like has been said above, ribbing backstage is as much a part of the industry as a suplex or a chokehold. If Riley cant deal with that, then he is in the wrong industry.
    And as Bawb said, Riley isnt exactly known for helping himself anyway, and that DUI was a perfect example.

  • xXx

    stop asking kenny things about cena cuz we all know what he’ll say

  • StudDog

    Lighten up folks. Locker room politics is prominent in many places, Exspecially the Marines. I have served 14yrs and 4 tours of duty in war, When new recruits come in it is normal for the seasoned Vets to pick (rib) on them, In fact not is it only normal it is expected of us by our leaders. If they respond in anger the you better believe life will be a living hell for them for the next few months.

  • Matt

    There is nothing appealing about Alex Riley.

    Alex Riley, just because of his DUI arrest doesn’t deserve shit. I wish a drunken Alex Riley would crash his car into a drunken Kurt Angle.

  • u fags would know everything about a no name wrestler, thats gay as fuck

  • Bawb

    A-Ri got a DUI in the middle of an excellent push. Who knows what his deal is backstage, but I bet that certainly didn’t do him any favors.

  • Logan

    Ribbing each other is something that’s been going on for years. He should have expected it. Depending on “how messed up” the rib was there isn’t really much to judge on. Like if Cena was ribbing him because a family member died, okay I can understand Riley getting pissed. If he was ribbing him because he was really hung over, then it would seem to be a harmless joke, IMO.

  • Stevie P

    You can’t upset Little Johnny. You might make him mad. 🙁

  • Robinson

    Fuck Riley of he cpuldnt take a joke IMO but I want more details on exactly what happened, BC I coukd imagine that some guys would stand up for Riley if this is true. I really dont think guys like Jericho or taker would let this stand imo

  • Stockton Joe

    @ SYM — I agree with you on this one. This site, like lots of them, is driven by advertising. Posting a Ken Doane article like this is guaranteed to drive hits. I saw this article, and my very first reaction was, “and I should care, WHY??” That said, then I clicked on to read the article, so what does that say about ME?? Mr. Doane has every right to say whatever he wants. But that don’t mean W-E has to post it. May Ken Doane live long and prosper in a galaxy far far away. I just don’t care anymore.

  • SYM

    Ok I honestly think u guys just dig up any thing from Ken Doane and post it here to get some hate on the guy. I bet you that almost every comment following mine will say “Shut the Fuck up Kenny” and I will get Thumbs Down for telling it how I see it. Giggity Giggity …… Giggity Gooo.