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Kenny King Issues Statement On Ring of Honor Departure, Appearing For TNA

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion Kenny King competed in a match on last Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, defeating Lars Only to qualify for the TNA X Division Championship tournament at Destination X. Although his contract with Ring of Honor had expired on June 24, 2012, a verbal agreement stipulated that he would not be permitted to appear for other wrestling promotions in the meantime. Subsequently, ROH categorized King’s appearance as an unacceptable “breach of his verbal agreement” and severed ties with him. He has issued a statement via Twitter concerning his appearance for TNA Wrestling and departure from Ring of Honor.

My people’s,

First and foremost to all of my friends, Family and everyone riding with me on this one thank you. The love and support has been unreal. It doesn’t matter if your’e a new Kenny King fan or you’ve been with your boy since tough enough. My passion for this sport reflects yours, and I will continue to bust my ass to give back the love you have shown me.

Second I would like to thank @ringofhonor for the opportunity To master my craft against some of the best wrestlers in the world. The last 4 years have been invaluable to my career. I have nothing but love and respect for the company that allowed me to find myself and grow as a wrestler.

Next, since the content of my character has been called into question, just ask about me. My integrity and HONOR has always been above reproach. But since they wanna talk bad about your boy, consider this…

(spoiler alert)

I was offered a contract extension, I had reservations about the parameters of the extension and effective my “free agent” option would be.

I gave a handshake agreement that I wouldn’t do anything “screwy” with the belts. A la medusa.

I gave ROH information about every move that I made regarding working for @impactwrestling. Realistically they could have just found out when they saw my black ass walking down to the ring.

I was given a physical contact extension by ROH, which I respectfully declined to sign due to the reasons I stated above.

If I declined to sign an actual contract extension, how could anyone think there was a verbal agreement?

I took the biggest gamble of my career this weekend. So going into destination X tomorrow night I am prepared to put it all on the line. I am especially grateful to @tnadixie and @impactwrestling for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills on a bigger stage. I was given an amazing opening and I took it. Ask Eminem how many chances you get to blow up. The world will watch tomorrow, and I got a bag full of fireworks. Tomorrow is coronation day.

Thank you.
Kenny King

  • Leon

    I can’t hate him for that. He didn’t disrespect ROH. So he moves on. Oh well. Keep the wrestlers comming ROH. WWE and TNA will need them.

  • Eddy

    3 black dudes in tna
    Its about time we see some more brothers in Orlando!
    we movin on up!

  • Jon-Jon

    This guy is a star waiting to happen. People compare to him to Shelton Benjamin, the only difference is, this guy can talk. He’s a pure athlete and has pure charisma that can’t be taught.

  • Lew

    definitely looking forward to seeing him as x division champion hopefully