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Kenny Omega explains why he hasn’t gone to the WWE

It’s been rumored that the Kenny Omega has been on his way to the WWE for…a few years now. However, the NJPW star has stayed away from the company, instead opting to work with NJPW and Ring of Honor.

In a recent interview with The Business Times, the IWGP Heavyweight Champion explained why he hasn’t joined the WWE.

I’m sort of very much a part of representing an alternative. If my motivation was money, I’d already be in the WWE. I was down on the current product and I wanted to create a style and have matches that my friends and family and other athletes could watch and enjoy.

There’s a certain kind of wrestling fan that will only like a certain style. They think that’s the right way and that’s okay but I’m not trying to impress those people. Those people are already kind of set in their ways.

I’m trying to open the world to a different style, what pro-wrestling has the potential to be.

Omega also talked about working with the Young Bucks and the New Day at E3 earlier this year, all the promotions out there besides the WWE, and learning to speak Japanese. You can read the full article here.

  • He is pretty clear that the reason he hasn’t went is because he doesn’t want the do their “style” of “sports entertainment”. Not to mention, it’s a clear fact that WWE wouldn’t use him correctly, they don’t use anybody right.

  • Soulshroude

    Look Kenny, just because your motivation isn’t all about the money… WWE could be a new beginning. Your not going to a “corporate” standard no. I realize that the WWE loves to offer “million dollar” contracts or just to “bury” it’s competitors. But (and there is always a “but”), the WWE could be a stepping stone where you could thrive. I’m calling you out: Are you not going 1. because of the money 2. Because of the long traveling schedule 3. Because of the backstage politics 4. Because of rumors you hear that the WWE loves to bury talent it doesn’t like 5. Or because your co-workers backstage have better plans for you like Jericho and his gang with their future promotion?